Is Your bagHurting You Back?

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Your handbag is more than just an accessory. It is where you store everything that you will need for going to work and dining out. Our handbags are where we keep our basic things like wallets, cosmetics, laptops, snacks, gym clothes, water bottles. So the truth is: We’d be lost without our bags.

bag pain However. In earlier days, handbags were designed to be carried in your hands for smaller items. Until the 20th century, when more women became employed, the purses grew in size and began being slung over the shoulder for daily use or while going to the office. Fast forward to the present day and many of us are hauling around with heavy bags with various items inside it like laptops, cameras, books etc. But carrying a heavy bag or a purse all day around is more harmful to our health than we may realize. 

According to a recent study, about 70 percent of the U.S. population will suffer from back pain in the future. The amount of pressure that we put on our bodies due to oversize bags can cause serious pain and even long-term issues like muscle spasms or a pinched nerve, over time.

Is your bag the reason for your pain?

If you’re experiencing shoulder, back, buttock, and arm pain then some unhealthy handbag habits could be the reason for it. Here are some of the culprits and how you can Avoid Back pain While Driving.

First, your bag’s too heavy

Back pain2Being prepared for a possible Walking Dead scenario has its advantages, but it’s also putting too much stress on your hips and shoulders. 

Lightening your load is the only way to make sure that your muscles and shoulders stay healthy.  Reduce the weight of your handbag to the point where you don’t feel any strain would be the best remedy

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Your bag gives no support to your spine.

Nine times out of ten people having back issues are carrying some huge, overloaded bag that would really be better suited for hiking or a trek than office. Using a backpack can help relieve strain as it distributes weight properly when worn correctly.

If you don’t like using a backpack, then get a handbag with a good, firm grip that has some added padding to help reduce the strain on your muscles. 

You’re too one-sided

We usually have the habit of carrying things with one arm. When you have a heavy load on the same shoulder for longer periods, it’ll cause the shoulder to begin to roll forward and down which stretches the muscles in the upper back and neck.

Don’t wait too late for pain symptoms

Instead of waiting for pain to strike, doing three sets of 15-20 reps of shoulder exercises with lighter weights to improve the strength of weak upper back, neck, and shoulder muscles. There are few medications available which could help you relieve your back pain. For that you can buy soma online.

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