5 Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers (2020)

YouTube, the second most used search engine which has taken the world by storm ever since it was launched. YouTube has become a real game-changer for businesses in the past recent years. The main reason lies in YouTube’s ability to increase the sales funnel for the businesses with their videos. However, people have been turning to YouTube to earn some bucks and for that, gaining an enhanced number of subscribers for the channel is essential. The number of subscribers on the channel is commonly linked to the overall success of the platform. This is true because the number of  Buy subscribers poses a direct impact on the number of views, leading to the generation of bucks.  With all this, it is needless to say that earning more number of followers is essential but can be pretty tedious. To make the job less hectic for you, we have got some tips for you which will get you, subscribers, as well as increase the engagement

Work On The Content

We understand that you are already creating the content but making a video of a dog and uploading it on the channel will not earn you the followers you intend on earning. To attract the viewers into hitting the bell icon, you need to create informative and engaging content that provides them the value of their time. There are certain tips in this section which we have rounded up for you, have a look!

  • Make sure you are devising the content as your audience likes. In other words, make audience-centric content 
  • You need to make a content strategy in advance as it helps in gaining information and insights about the topic. These insights will be helpful in creating the top-notch and accurate content which provides information and value to the viewers 
  • Make sure to keep it engaging by building stories through examples 
  • Make sure to add some captivating visuals which make the content “watchable”
  • Capture the viewers’ attention in the first ten seconds of the video 
  • Ensure the inculcation of original ideas because copied work isn’t going to take you anywhere
  • Always add the end-screens to keep it basic yet engaging 

Be Frequent 

You must have heard this a lot but repeating it is never enough. It is very important to stay on the radar because the number of YouTube channels is piling up with each passing day. So, make sure you are creating and uploading the videos on a frequent basis. It is always better to make a content schedule that makes it organized and easy for you to handle the editing and publishing. 

The main reason is that people come to YouTube to watch videos and if they have subscribed to your channel, they want to watch the videos every now and then. In other words, there needs to be a video every time a viewer comes to your channel. Last but not least, if you don’t publish videos frequently, it might end up in you losing the subscribers. 

Optimization Is The Key

As we have already mentioned the colossal competition on YouTube, you need to have visibility on YouTube to ensure people know you and they watch your videos. But to increase the visibility and engagement, you need to optimize the videos so that it reaches the right audience. There are certain video optimization tips in the section below;

  • You need to decide a keyword for your video and add it in the video title 
  • Always add all the essential information in the video description inclusive of keyword and external links
  • Make sure to choose the engaging thumbnail 
  • Upload the video transcript 
  • Add end as well as start screens to the video 

Channel Optimization

In the section, we talked about video optimization but the optimized channel can make leaps and bounds of subscribers for you. The optimized channel is more engaging and visible. To optimize the YouTube channel, work on the following tips;

  • You need to create the channel trailer which clears out the image of your channel through the introduction, and the information about the content niche 
  • Keep the outlook of the channel interesting with a good profile picture and cover photo. The channel description and optimization is also included 
  • Always add the playlists 

Don’t Compromise on Quality

No matter how aback you are on the publishing deadline, never compromise on the quality of the video. A well-made yet late video is better than on-time yet poorly produced  youtube views. So, to create the top-notch videos, keep in mind the following points;

  • There must be zero disturbing sounds in the video and use a top-notch recording device 
  • Choose background according to the video content 
  • Record high-resolution videos 
  • Always plan ahead of the content and script 
  • Cut out the bad parts 
  • Use professional yet engaging editing