5 Thriving Jobs For 2022 And Beyond

Recent times have been unpredictable and challenging. Much has changed, and the ‘new normal’ is already upon us. But one of the biggest changes we’ve seen has come in the way we work. Now, more people than ever before are working from home, while others are seeking jobs that will be more secure in these unpredictable times.

This quick and simple guide was created to look at five jobs or industries that are expected to thrive in 2022 and beyond. Many other fields will continue to grow and expand too, but these areas have recently seen significant expansion which is expected to continue.

Whether you’re considering a career switch, or just keen to get informed about this important topic, these are five thriving jobs for the new world of work.

  1. Social Media Management

Social media has seen a near-unrivalled boom in recent years. It is now a significant source of income for many entrepreneurs working solo, as well as a huge income and engagement generator for larger, multinational businesses.

As a result, social media management is a highly sought-after skillset and a thriving industry. Social media management and marketing includes the ability to schedule and share a wide variety of content across a range of social media platforms — driving interest and engagement, as well as content creation.

It often involves a combination of different skills, from journalism and business, to graphic design, video editing and more. More people than ever before are taking courses to get up to speed, and more companies are hiring social media professionals.

With many businesses making the switch to operating entirely online or remotely, their social media management matters more than ever.

2. Driving And Deliveries

In recent times, the ability to help online businesses function and reach their customers has been crucial; couriers, delivery drivers, and express postage services have all been an indispensable part of this.

Many people have become delivery drivers, or similar, in order to generate additional income and help shoppers receive their online purchases — especially those who may be unable to pick up their goods in person.

Large companies including online businesses, pharmacies, and supermarkets are now recruiting high numbers of additional drivers and delivery professionals.

Some of these companies will provide a vehicle, whereas others require the candidate to provide their own. In these cases, it is especially important to ensure that the vehicle is safe and properly maintained. But the advantage can also be that the vehicle is tax deductible and a legitimate business expense, so if delivery driving is a role you are considering, be sure to check the taxation rules where you are to see if you can benefit.

3. Online Tutoring

Competent teachers are always in high demand, and online this is more the case than ever before. Online teaching increases the accessibility for a variety of students, which has been a necessity during the pandemic when schools, colleges, and universities were closed.

Online tutoring can also assist a wide variety of age groups and abilities, including adult learners, postgraduate level courses, and beyond.

There has been a surge in online English courses in recent years, and native speakers who can also teach the language are in especially high demand.

Online tutoring has been one of the few industries to truly thrive during the long periods of lockdown or distancing, and it is expected to remain in high demand globally.

4. Copywriting

Copywriting includes professional writing services for a variety of clients, whether online or in-person. It includes writing clear, engaging, and persuasive material for clients and businesses who are providing a product or service.

Copywriting has become an especially valuable skill due to the surge in businesses moving online. There, it is especially important to stand out in a competitive market and be able to communicate your value quickly and clearly.

Also, copywriting can largely be done from anywhere in the world, so is highly adaptable if the working environment must become remote at short notice.

Skilled and effective writing remains a sought-after skill, and online it is perhaps more important now than ever before.

5. Medicine

The medical profession not only encompasses doctors, surgeons, and nurses, but also a wide variety of indispensable and highly-skilled professionals. Whether on the front desk, in management, sales, or elsewhere, medicine remains an essential industry all around the world.

Whatever your skills, the medical profession is such a wide-ranging field in need of such a high number of skilled people that you are bound to find a good role for your abilities after undertaking some additional training.

From porters to paramedics, salespeople to secretaries, it takes a wide variety of skills and backgrounds to keep hospitals functioning smoothly and providing healthcare to those who need it most!