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Facial masks can help us moisturize the skin while serving to combat different skin problems and remove excess dirt.

Anorexia or when being tanned becomes an obsession

Is it true that if you wash your hair a lot it falls out?

Deodorants: with or without aluminum salts.

When temperatures rise and the sun’s rays are more intense, without proper care, the skin can suffer. Now, this can be both prevented and treated with the help of the following summer face masks that we are going to present to you.

The masks are composed of ingredients that deeply hydrate the skin and, therefore, restore the shine and softness that it may have lost due to the aggressions of external factors. And best of all, you can apply them daily, without problems. If you can buy the latest design you can see at Khaadi pret.

Remember that, regardless of where you are: the beach, the city or the mountains, it is important that you take care of your skin to avoid the appearance of premature wrinkles and other imperfections.


Combating summer problems is quite easy with the following masks. However, remember that there are some measures you must take to ensure its effectiveness:

Clean your face with fresh water and neutral soap before applying the mask.

Choose Rjs and good quality products.

Never forcefully rub your skin when removing the masks. Remove with a damp cloth (or sponge) gently and then, rinse your face with enough water and remove excesses. You can find a new collection at the khaadi summer sale.

Ideally, let the skin dry on its own, but in case you cannot wait and want to use the towel, remember not to rub, but rather “tap”.

1. Oatmeal mask with honey

Lemon, honey and oat juice

The first of the summer face masks are perfect for all skin types because it contains two ingredients that are very well tolerated. Honey nourishes and softens, while oatmeal helps deflate, soothe and cleanse.


2 tablespoons of ground oats (20 g)

1/2 cup of honey from bees (50 g).

Preparation and application

Place the two ingredients in a clean glass bowl. (You can pre-heat the honey in a water bath or in the microwave to make it easier to handle).

With the help of a spoon, mix the two ingredients until they are well integrated.

Take a little of the mixture and apply it to the face with your fingers or with the help of a brush.

Leave to act for at least 20 minutes and then remove.

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2. Aloe Vera mask

Aloe Vera gel is perfect for the skin at any time of the year but it can be extremely useful in the summer since it is easily absorbed, it is refreshing, soothes, hydrates helps regenerate damaged skin and much more. You can see khaadi sales online.


3 tablespoons of natural aloe Vera gel (30 g).

Ice cubes (4-6).

Preparation and application

Put the aloe Vera gel together with a few ice cubes in a bowl and put it in the refrigerator for an hour to cool down.

After this time, take the gel and apply it to the face, except for the eyelids.

Leave to act for 20 minutes and remove with fresh water.

You can apply the summer facemasks as many times as you need.

3. Clay mask

Green clay mask

If your skin is sensitive or delicate, it surely suffers from the change of seasons. From inflammation to burning and redness. Luckily, the clay will help you treat discomfort in an easy and gentle way.

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We recommend you purchase the versions that come in powder and that only need to be mixed with a little water; these are usually the most natural and economic.

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3 tablespoons of clay powder (30 g).

One glass of water (250 ml).


In a bowl, place the clay and add a little warm water.

Stir and add more water as needed.

The final amount of water will depend on the characteristics of the clay, so add carefully until you get a paste that is easy to handle, not too liquid.


Take the clay with a brush and apply it to the entire face.

Let it act until it has completely dried.

Remove with warm water.

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4. Cucumber mask with honey

Another one of the facial masks for the summer is this one of cucumber and honey, which not only hydrates but also refreshes when the temperatures are too high. With it, you will prevent your skin from looking dull and dry. Try to complement its effects by drinking enough water and consuming fresh fruits.


½ cucumber cut into slices (with or without skin).

5 teaspoons of honey from bees (25 g).


Blend the two ingredients until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.  

Apply the mask, avoiding the eye area and the mouth.

Cover with a cloth to prevent the mask from slipping into the neck.

Leave to act for at least 20 minutes.

Rinse with fresh water.

5. Avocado mask with olive oil

Avocado oil

The last of the summer face masks are perfect for those who enjoy frequent water activities and, between the chlorine in swimming pools and other elements, their skin dries out.

This is because the natural oils that protect the skin are swept away. Luckily, with avocado and olive oil you can rehydrate and soften the skin.


½ avocados (only the pulp).

4 tablespoons of olive oil (40 g).


Mix the ingredients with the help of a hand mixer until obtaining a creamy consistency paste.

Apply with a clean brush to the entire face, except in the area of ​​the eyelids and lips.

Leave to act for about 30 minutes.

Apply twice a day if your skin is very dry.