Why Rent Agreement? We all know the purpose of having a rent agreement but what if your landlord says this is not a valid rental agreement. This could happen with anyone! And if this happens to you this can put you in lots of trouble and left you broken by all means. 

In case of disputes, registering trouble only rent agreement is the primary evidence that can save you. A Rent Agreement with essential clauses mentioned in it can ensure you have legal rights to live. Only this can save you in dispute between you and your landlord. That is why we are discussing clauses to have in the rent agreement.


Amount of rent, security deposit, other payments

The rent agreement should specify the amount of rent that you need to pay each month and the due date of the rent by which it has to be paid.

If you have submitted the security amount, make sure it is mentioned in the agreement. It is also necessary to check rather you are obliged to pay for water, PNG, electricity, and maintenance. Also, check if your agreement specifies any other separate meter for utility connections or not, or you are supposed to pay a fixed amount every month. 


Agreement duration and renewal criteria

Typically, rent agreements are made for a period of 11 months.

You must know you can enter a rent agreement for more than this specific period. Whatever you choose to go for, make sure the agreement is clearly mentioned. Also, see the clause related to termination when neither a landlord nor a tenant can terminate the tenure. It should also be mentioned in the agreement. Also, the agreement must mention the outcomes of cancelling the agreement, either by any party before the end of the lock-in period. Note that the lock-in period is not the notice period, which hardly lasts 1 or 2 months. If the notice period is two months, you need to give a two-month notice to your landlord if you have a plan to vacate the property.


Fittings and fixtures

The rent agreement in Bangalore also should have brief details of the property you are going to take on rent. That includes the area of the house, bathrooms, kitchen, floor, living area, apartment number of rooms, and so on. If you are going in a well-furnished house make sure to enlist all the items and fixtures like sofas, chairs, number of fans, lights, wardrobes, beds, and more. 


Registration of agreement

To register a rent agreement you need to pay some small charges like registration fee, stamp duty, and legal fees. These kinds of changes are made to distribute between landlords and tenants. Make there is clarity in who will pay these small charges.



There can be several kinds of restrictions to impose like not allowing pets to keep in the house. That is why double check-in, either you are bound in such restrictions or not. Hence, it is highly advised to be extra careful while registering rent agreement in Bangalore.