5 Creative Ways to Get Your Business Noticed

5 Creative Ways to Get Your Business Noticed

In challenging times, it is more important than ever that your business gets noticed. Getting noticed will mean that your goods and services can reach the widest possible audience — and especially those who can benefit most from what you offer.

But business is arguably more competitive now than ever, so why not try our round-up below of five simple and creative ways to get your business seen? Using just one or two of the following tips, and an imaginative approach, your business could reach a wider and more engaged audience than ever before.

This is better for you, your business, and your new customers!

  1. Digital Animation

Animation is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. But did you know that it is a valuable business tool too? More businesses than ever are choosing to use animation or digital characters to advertise their business, boost engagement, and build an audience.

Digital characters and mascots can be made bespoke to your business, and have a wide variety of uses. They are perfect for advertising an offer on social media, for example, holding attention during a tutorial or YouTube video, or even for creating your own animated series.

This can be especially helpful for businesses that want to convey their value and services clearly and thoroughly — but in a way that is still engaging for an audience. Animation can also be done remotely, so it doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming.

Join the animation revolution and see how an animated character could boost your business today!

  1. Get Certified

It is more important than ever to stand out from the crowd — and an industry certification can help. Achieving a recognisable certification in your field can provide a number of benefits.

It can be a great way to ensure that your team is well trained and up to code. It can instantly communicate to your customer that you are trustworthy, legitimate, and experienced. Many certifications also carry a logo or letterhead that you can then apply company-wide — so everyone will see at a glance what you have achieved.

There are reputable companies who specialise in helping you achieve certain certificates and accreditations, as well as check that your current ones do not expire. They help to ensure that complex or time-consuming applications and processes are kept clear and simple — so you don’t have to go it alone. Invest in an accreditation today, and you could quickly boost both your capability and customer confidence.

  1. Host An Event

Consider hosting an event — such as a conference, networking event, or charity fundraiser. This is a great opportunity to assemble other businesses in your industry to share tips, insights, and even arrange future collaborations.

You could also offer samples, consultations, or free products and taster services to visiting customers. You may also consider offering awards or prizes, and making it an annual event.

Events can be a great way to bring people together in your industry in a supportive way, as well as to raise the profile and reach of your business overall.

4) Write Persuasively

An underrated way to get your business noticed is to ensure that you are writing persuasively. Whether for a short Facebook ad, a social media post, an extended application for funding, or another form of bid — your writing matters.

It is so important, in fact, that many businesses are investing in professional writing services — especially for more complex processes, such as bid and tender writing. Effective, professional writing can win you more work, help to distinguish you from competitors, and ensure that you catch your customer’s eye!

5) Offer Free Consultations

If it is feasible for you and your business, consider offering free consultations for potential customers. Depending on your service and the detail you feel you need to provide, consultations could be offered from anywhere between fifteen minutes to an hour.

These need not be considered ‘working for free’, but instead are a worthy investment of time in securing a new customer. This is an opportunity to really convey the value you offer and how you can help, answering customer questions and concerns that may otherwise have discouraged them.

Customers who feel valued, supported, and like they understand your services or products are far more likely to purchase them. Free consultations, in this way, can be a great investment!

Overall then, getting more attention for your business is perhaps more vital now than ever before, and in this competitive business landscape, standing out from others and capturing the attention of your audience is crucial.

By utilizing just some of the methods we’ve outlined, you could make your dream clients notice you instead of your competitors!