There was a time when shopping online seemed like a bet. You have no way to be sure if you will be scammed, or the product will be worth the money you will be investing in or not. With time, the landscape has changed. Now not just the products, but people are buying services and almost everything else they need online. It doesn’t mean that you should not be cautious while ordering on the web. Especially with the Corona Virus taking over the World, it is much better not to go out of home and order the prerequisites from within the comfort of your home only. Even though we know all the branded stores and what sort of products they offer when buying from them via the website, pictures can still be deceiving. More often than not, the colors are a little changed, and you can’t be sure about the size dimensions either. Moreover, the price hike is real in the current situation across the globe.

However, what we have discussed aren’t big problems as such, and there are ways you can be sure of them and more issues of the same nature. Online shopping is the best way to shop. There is no doubt about that. All you have to be is extra careful and keep the following things in your mind before placing the order. 

Give them a read:


Be Careful About The Product Details

Sometimes a product has more products or items added to it in a picture for embellishment. Do not fool yourself if you think you will be getting them all. If you think this is silly, you have no idea how many people make this mistake every year. If you are not reading product descriptions, you are committing a crime to your money.

Do not make a decision based on the picture only. Carefully read the description to make sure if everything fits together. You don’t want to go down the guilt spiral just because you didn’t read before you added to the cart.


What’s The Delivery Cost?

This point becomes all the more critical if you are shopping from international websites. Sometimes we place an order for things we need urgently or within a short period, and if you don’t read when they are going to be delivered, you might cause yourself problems. The websites like give you the option to compare the assortment of products, so you can check which ones are delivering as per your schedule and budget. Just go to to check out.

Moreover, shipping costs also vary as per the areas, location, country, size of the product, and what you are ordering. Sometimes the shipping rates aren’t standard, so be sure you know what amount of delivery charges you will be paying to get the product delivered right to your home.


Check Out Product Reviews

More important than the product description are product reviews. You’re shopping from any website for the very first time and need to be sure about their authenticity, give a read to the reviews of their previous buyers, and know their experience. User reviews and buying guides are a great way for you to judge the products and set realistic expectations.

If the product page on the website does not have the review section, make sure to check out on their social media accounts. If you cannot find the reviews anywhere, there is something shady there. Make sure you do your thorough research before you decide to spend your money on them.


Payment Methods

It might not sound like a big deal, but when you are placing an order for the first time at a particular online store, we recommend choosing Cash on Delivery option so you can be on the safe side in case of wrong product delivery. Moreover, compare all the online payment options to check which ones are offering you better conversion rates so you can buy via them. Make sure when you are adding your credit or debit card details that the website explicitly mentions, it is safe to make the payment online and that they won’t be selling or misusing your information. Better be safe than sorry.


Return Policies

Sometimes you do not like the product, or it arrives with a manufacturing default. You must know beforehand if the company will be taking it back, refunding you, or exchanging the product for another. Furthermore, it is a risk to order sometimes, so you want to be on the safe side if there is an option to cancel the order or return the product if you just don’t like it. Go through the website’s policy to make sure if this option is available or not.

These were just a few things you should always remember when shopping online, especially from the websites you have never ordered from before. Only with a little precaution, you can save a lot of your money and time from scams and sites that should not be trusted by any means.