A few days ago, New H3C Group (hereinafter referred to as: New H3C), a subsidiary of Unigroup, focused on cutting-edge technologies and released the “New H3C 2021 Top Ten Technology Trends Perspectives White Paper” (hereinafter referred to as: White Paper). New H3C has demonstrated its industry-leading insights through the white paper. , Combined with its own deep technical accumulation and rich first-line practical experience, to provide a strong empowerment for the high-quality development of China’s digital economy.

The white paper mentions that this year is at the beginning of the “14th Five-Year Plan” period. The digital economy has become an important engine for social and economic growth. The long-term goal of the construction of Digital China has created a beautiful new vision of digital life for people’s production and life. Facing the general trend of digital development in the future, it is necessary for all industries to work together to activate the potential of data elements, accelerate the construction of a digital economy and a digital society, and drive changes in social production methods, lifestyles and governance methods through digital transformation as a whole. Among them, the creation of a complete new digital infrastructure has become the key to promoting the development of the digital economy, and digital technologies represented by cloud computing, 5G, and AI have accelerated their integration into various industries and have become an important force driving industrial transformation and upgrading.

The white paper pointed out that the “new infrastructure” and new technologies have blossomed, and the number of connectable terminals has ushered in a new breakthrough, and the amount of data and network traffic have exploded. In 2021, the entire industry will gradually move towards high-quality boutique networks, deepen the deployment of industry virtual private networks in key industries, deepen the integration of cloud and network, strengthen the security of key information infrastructure, etc., and promote the construction of new infrastructure in an all-round way. In the future, new technologies will also help various industries to build new advantages in the digital economy, give full play to the advantages of massive data and rich application scenarios, promote the deep integration of digital technology and the real economy, empower the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and give birth to new industries, new formats, and new industries. Model, strengthen the new engine of economic development.


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