2020 Hyundai Palisade: What you need to know

For over two decades, the Hyundai Santa Fe maintained a lot of popularity in the USA market. It was so high that the company had to do double supply for the demand to be met. Even with that, it has continued to maintain its place in the top 10 within the category of smaller SUV. Get the 2024 Hyundai palisade, and you will enjoy everything that the Santa Fe XL offered.

What is new?

In the Hyundai palisade 2024, everything has changed in this particular new model, as is the case with most minute models. The Hyundai has decided to package it with the best safety features, technology, and powertrain. The palisade is now considered to be the company’s conglomeration of other sedans and SUVs.

Why you need to purchase the Hyundai palisade 2024 include:

Eight comfortable passenger seating

The main advantage of the Hyundai palisade 2024 is the passenger number, which it can accommodate at any given time. It has two rows of seats fitting three people, with each having a total of 8 passengers. It makes it to be in a class that only a couple of small SUVs belong to.

How is it possible for the passengers to enter the third row? Whether it is a second row or just the captain’s chair, access of one touch allows the area in the middle to fold down. There is no need to manually fold down or shift the seats to get the best point of access.

Roominess for all passengers

The fact that the Hyundai palisade 2024 has three rows and yet it is a compact SUV doesn’t mean that it is cramped. Far from that, everyone tends to receive enough room. Because of the simple design that can be maintained on the roofline, everyone has their own 40 inches of headroom. It means that there is no ducking or even slouching when you are carrying taller guests.

You will not make their legs feel cramped. The passenger second row has about 42 inches of space and the third one gets 31 inches. It means everyone gets more than enough legroom. Furthermore, the passengers do not need to start fearing for being packed as there are about five feet of shoulder space room in the second row and the third row.

A potent powertrain across the board

It doesn’t matter whether you purchase a standard SE or the Limited, which is upscale; the Hyundai palisade 2024 comes with a single-engine style.  It is a six cylinder fuel injected 3.8L that has Hyundai 24 valve dual continuous valve variable timing. It provides the driver with an impressive horsepower of about 291 and per foot torque of about 262. It is all attached to the eight-speed standard transmission, which can shift into a manual mode.

Comparablefuel emergency

When you place everything together, the powertrain can give the Hyundai palisade 2024 EPA mileage estimates that you have to keep it in the top 10 SUV that is mid-size crossovers.