12 Tips to grow your YouTube channel in 2018

If you want to get youtube subscribers and likes for free for this year 2018, we present some very useful tips to achieve it.

Here are some steps to motivate the YouTube algorithm and attract the attention of viewers / subscribers.

  1. Attract the click of your video.
  2. Hold the viewer’s attention (Timewatch).
  3. Increase the visibility of your videos and your channel.
  4. Metadata on Youtube (title, description and tags).
  5. Final screens.

If you are new to YouTube or you have already tried to gain followers and you have not achieved it with these tips and doing your part you can add advantages that the algorithm of the video search engine will take into account and you will be able to increase the number of the subscriber count that it’s stuck.

  1. Consider recording at least once a week.

We must encourage the YouTube engine to recognize our work. Create a personal brand as youtuber and work believing that we can achieve it.

Audiovisual production requires precise and constant work, we must learn a language that will attract and catch the viewer. We must be able to retain users who return to view our work, whether weekly or monthly, we must work for a specific type of viewer.

If you manage to create a fast production process, you will increase your creative capacity, it will get easier every time.

Getting topics, recording the video, editing it and uploading it to YouTube with the appropriate meta tags will be a process that you must master.

Try to upload at least one video a week, although as we say the more the better, but that amount of videos should not be of any quality, you must reflect a good quality in your productions. If at first it costs you over time you will see that the quality of your creations improves considerably.

To improve the workflow you should consider setting up a small recording set, this will make it easier for you to position yourself in front of the camera.

Find the right camera (if you don’t already have one), learn how to light (this is an important point) and buy yourself a mic to capture the best possible sound.

Find a corner where you can control these parameters, sound and lighting. In addition to camera shooting.

  1. Create an intro as a brand image

You must capture the viewer’s attention from the first second. The most important parameter within the Youtube algorithm is the video viewing time. Catching attention is the most important thing to consider.

There are many ways to create an intro, you can search for it within the different freelance platforms like Fiverr to create it using professional video editing tools.

You can create it yourself by editing a small audiovisual piece with different takes.

It should not exceed a limited time between 5 and 8 seconds, it is necessary to catch the attention with a brief exposition.

  1. Get straight to the point

The spectator is looking for something and we must give it to her as soon as possible. Start the video showing the final result, in this way you will know if the objective of your search is the right one.

It is a way to hook the attention of a potential subscriber.

This single shot with the final result should be brief. To achieve the desired result, the viewer must view the entire video. As we have commented, timewatch is important on YouTube.

Try to give the viewer a point of intrigue with which they want to see the entire video. You can ask questions that you yourself will answer throughout the video.

  1. Avoid leaks

Avoid distractions that make viewers drop out, try to avoid long pauses as well as send them to another place or another video. You have to make them focus on your content.

To do this, create your dynamic productions, an adequate rhythm at all times, use shot cuts to motivate the appropriate audiovisual narration without falling into the distraction and / or loss of this narration that you want to transmit.

Within your creator studio you will find the option to view the analytics of your videos on YouTube, you will be able to see which videos have the most views and the point of your video from which your audience leaves. You can plug that point with calls to action and thus retain the audience.

Don’t give any reason for the user to change channels.

  1. Convey emotions

When you are filming, try to dramatize according to the moment, you have to be “a bit of an actor” and get the viewer to get excited (or react).

Be dynamic also in your gestures and words, the eyes are the point where your viewer is looking, transmit with them.

  1. Edit long and short videos

They do not necessarily have to be short videos, you must play according to the need of each theme. There will be videos that are short, between 4 and 5 minutes but others you can make them long of between 15 and 20 minutes.

The time required of the video should make sense of the selected topic, remove the padding, and go straight to the essentials.

Long-duration videos increase the timewatch and with this we improve our proposal within the algorithm. In general, videos with a duration between 7 and 15 minutes work very well.

  1. Streaming on Youtube

You can make live videos on YouTube to attract attention, it is a very good resource and you will get your live video to be presented to more users. This option is very well seen by Youtube.

This Youtube Live format makes you communicate directly with your free youtube subscribers, take advantage of the live chat to contact them. Encourage questions and interaction, they are ways to get very valuable feedback.

To perform this format live you must connect the camera to your pc or do it directly with your smartphone if you download the YouTube App for live streams.

Use the set or set that you have set up at home, take care of the sound and lighting. You can also go out on the street and conduct interviews or actions of interest. Avoid profanity, you already know that YouTube does not like tacos or swear words. They can cancel the video and even the channel.

  1. Collaborate with other youtubers

In our platform you will find the fastest way to find a collaborator on YouTube to share actions in the videos. The Youtube universe is very large and in this way many viewers of another youtuber will know about you.

By collaborating through BranTube, you can view the number of subscribers to the friend channel and we also have a meeting room for youtubers where you can share interests.

It is not necessary that it be of the same theme but if it is convenient. They are viewers who follow a youtuber because they like their content, so try to take advantage of the collaboration to add subscribers.

It does not necessarily have to be two people collaborating in the creation of a video, several youtubers may appear that increase the visibility of the final product.

Do not be ashamed to ask a channel larger than yours to collaborate, surely the youtuber will have done the same with another channel, it is a very good way and the YouTube algorithm likes very much, the exchange of subscribers between channels through spontaneous collaborations or recurring.

In our forum for youtubers you can find friends with whom to collaborate on your video. It does not necessarily have to be in person, or in the same city, you can send the video file or share screens.

You must promote the name of your collaborator in the appropriate places, place their image next to yours in the thumbnail, place their name in the title of the video, in the description and in the tags. Insert a link in the description to your channel.

  1. Insert end screens

Introducing end screens during video completion allows viewers to continue viewing your content and not leave your channel. A click is worth a lot to get and if you keep that user you will have added value.

We have talked in our blog about the end screens, even in our online store for youtubers you can get free end screens that are very effective.

During the last 20 seconds of the video you can insert some graphic motifs to view another video, playlist, visit a web page or request a subscription to the YouTube channel through the avatar of the channel itself.

If during the video recording you mention these end-screen elements to the viewers, you will be motivating a call to action. This has a high success rate and we recommend that you put it into practice.

Another option is to place a static screen with the playback windows of these end screens.

  1. Design thumbnails for your videos

The thumbnails are the first images that viewers see of your video, you should not let YouTube place the one it wants, try to design a different image for each video, although you can have corporate colors or similar typography in all videos, this is one way of personal brand recognition.

  1. Royalty-free music

The copyright of the soundtrack that is inserted into the video is very important for YouTube, it has tools to detect who owns the rights to the songs. Therefore we advise you to use music that does not have copyrights since advertising banners will appear of which the monetization will be for the owner of those rights.

  1. Metadata on Youtube

When you are uploading the video to YouTube, you must have prepared the appropriate metadata for the algorithm to identify which are the keywords that guide your content towards the users who are looking for it.

Youtube, in addition to being a social platform, is the second search engine behind Google and must catalog keywords at the SEO level (search engine positioning).

At the moment YouTube cannot read what is inside the videos, it does not know when a cow is jumping a fence (invented image) but it can read the data that is around and that accompanies that video.

The appropriate keywords must be selected to position the video and for this the title, description and tags are used.

We have developed SEO content on YouTube in one of our posts where you can learn how to place the ideal words that motivate the algorithm by positioning your video.

It helps a lot that your video is embedded in a web page that has a certain authority. If you know a blogger, you can suggest that they insert your video (it must have the same theme) in their blog.

But not only the video can be embedded in a website, you can invite any user to insert the url of your channel on their website or blog. The point is that linkjuige or popularity juice is transferred to your YouTube channel to increase your level of authority.

There are free tools that allow you to know the keywords of other videos and thus work with them to rank in the search engine. If you install the vidIQ extension for Chrome in your browser, every time you enter a YouTube video, the keywords that the author of that video has placed will appear