12 Early Signs of Pregnancy You Should Know!


Do you want to know the early signs of pregnancy? Are you the one who doesn’t like to wait till the date of your next period and wants to detect your pregnancy as early as possible? Then you should give your 2 minutes to read this article!

After the confirmation of pregnancy test, usually, women become don’t know what to do or whom to consult. You can find the best obstetrician in Lahore through Marham. pk to consult during the early days of pregnancy.

Usually, your pregnancy signs appear after your missed periods or near to the date of your missed periods. You can easily detect and confirm pregnancy with a home pregnancy testing kit/strip. It detects the Beta-HCG hormone in your urine. Usually, this test can be performed in the early morning with a fresh urine sample to get an accurate result.

Early Signs of Pregnancy:

The early signs of pregnancy are not the same in every woman. Rather they vary from one woman to another. These symptoms and signs are dependent on the different hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and beta-HCG in the female’s body.

Here are some of the many early signs of pregnancy;

Encroached Breasts

Your breasts show the earliest signs of pregnancy. They become sore, encroached, and painful. You can feel this soreness and pain more prominently if you are pregnant.

Shortness of Breath 

Shortness of breath is also common in females who are pregnant, as estrogen hormone causes inflammation and congestion in the respiratory tract.


Headache is also very common in pregnant females. As the blood circulation increases, it may cause a frequent mild headache.

Mood swings

Hormonal changes due to pregnancy cause mood swings. People usually confuse this sign of pregnancy with PMS, but you must remember mood swings are also the sign of pregnancy.

Food cravings

Food cravings and food aversions are two main early signs of pregnancy. Some foods make you nauseating and some foods you crave the whole night even in your dreams. So this is the most common sign of pregnancy.


If you feel fatigued and more tired than usual, then it may be a sign of early pregnancy. The body changes during pregnancy make you more tired and sleepy all the time.

Flatulence and bloating

Increased levels of progesterone cause alteration in your gut. This leads to bloating, burping and flatulence more often than usual.

Cramping and spotting

Cramping and spotting (i.e. basically implantation bleeding) are also the early signs of pregnancy. Slight pain in the pelvic region is also a common sign of pregnancy.

Nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are due to the increased level of estrogen that increases gastric emptying time. Nausea is also caused by the increased sense of smell in women during pregnancy. This is considered the most common sign of early pregnancy. Pregnant females get easily affected by the smell of anything like food, smoke, perfume, etc.

Increased Urination:

Early signs of pregnancy also include frequent visits to the toilet for urination. This is due to the extra pressure on your bladder that leads to frequent urination especially during the night.

Elevated Basal temperature:

The basal body temperature also rises during the early days of pregnancy. So you can check your body temperature and if it is elevated, you can consider it as the early sign of pregnancy.

Missed periods are considered the most important sign of pregnancy. But sometimes this is not necessary that your periods are missed due to pregnancy rather maybe it’s your disturbed cycle that is delaying your periods. So try to follow your days and cycle.

Your gynecologist/obstetrician can help you in these early days of pregnancy. It is important to consult your health specialist as soon as possible these days.

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