10 Website Design Tips for SEO Companies 

The great website design Auckland is very important for any business that is trying to find huge success on the internet, but if the website does not have the chance at the good search rankings, only a few people might get to see this. In order, to avoid having the website, which doesn’t search engine friendly, you just have to take into consideration a few basic SEO principles as well as good content development methods.


1. Ensure Your Website Navigation Is Friendly


Making use of Flash for the navigation onto your site will be the bad news in case you are not aware of how you can make the Flash objects accessible & web-crawler-friendly. The search engines have a tough time crawling the website, which uses Flash. 

2. Place Scripts Outside HTML Document

The search engines view the website through what is contained in the HTML document. CSS and JavaScript, if not externalized, will add many additional code lines in the HTML documents, in most of the cases, can be ahead of actual content as well as may make crawling it slower. 

3. Use Content Search Engine Spiders Will Read

Content is a life force of the website, and it’s what search engines feed at. When designing the website, ensures you take into account the good structure for the content (paragraphs, headings, as well as links). Websites with little content generally tend to struggle hard in search results or, in many cases, it will be avoided in case there is right planning in design stages by SEO company Auckland

4. Include primary keyword in page URL.

Web pages in the domain might be optimized for different keywords. This is said that the best method is focusing just on a particular keyword phrase as well as include this directly in the URL address. Make use of hyphens (-) than underscores (_) in the URLs.

5. Block Pages You Do not Want the Search Engines Index

There can be pages on your website that you do not want the crawlers to index. The pages can be the pages that do not add any value to the content, like server-side scripts. The web pages can be pages that you are using for testing the designs when building a new website with the help of web design Auckland.

6. Never Ignore Image Alt Attributes

Ensure image alt attributes will be descriptive. All the images require alt attributes to stay 100% W3C-compliant, however, many comply with the requirement just by adding any text. And no alt attribute will be better than the inaccurate alt attributes. 

7. Keep URL address descriptive, brief, and relevant.

The visitor must tell at one glance what the particular site is about. Suppose you select to edit the URL address, you will not just work in the favor of keyword optimization but can make it simple for the user to know what they will find on the particular website. 

8. Use meta-description for presenting the brand better.

The meta description is a short paragraph that is displayed in the title tag on SERP. The meta-description offers you an opportunity of introducing the brand before a searcher pays the visit to the website and sees the products you offer.

9. Never forget to include location in keywords.

In this way, you will optimize the website and business for local searches & local clients with help of SEO Auckland. For example, if you provide content marketing solutions in Auckland, it is good you let the potential customers know & put the keyword like obvious keyword: “SEO agency Auckland services”.

10. Optimize images with the right keywords.

Never forget to use the keyword phrases not just throughout your website’s content, but in the image description. It’s believed it is a good practice that you use words like: “photo”, “image”, “picture” along with the picked keyword when describing an image with an ALT attribute.

Author Bio:

Darshan Shah is a young entrepreneur, digital marketer and blogger. He’s founder of TheWebReach.com and provides Digital Marketing services like SEO, Guest Posting, Inbound Marketing and many more. He loves to help people to grow their business worldwide through his digital marketing knowledge.  He’s enthusiastic about creating blogs and writes creative content for the readers.