10 Best Wedding Dress Styles and Trends for 2023

Wedding Dresses

Planning your big day in 2023? You must be crazily following all the fashion weeks and bridal dresses catalogs. Hoping to secure the best bridal dress ever. We are going to recap the best looks from all the fashion weeks and runways from you. You will get all the inspo to dazzle everyone when you walk down the aisle!

We witnessed colorful gowns, bows, floral embroideries, and pantsuits on the runways. Bigger and barer backs are so in. Feather embellishments are everywhere. Since I’m a huge fan of Pakistani wedding dresses, I have checked some of their trends too. Embellished skirts with huge flares and blouses with intricate embroidery are simply beautiful. Some Asian brides have carried those skirts so well.

Check out the top trends in wedding dresses.

1. Shoulder-Baring Sleeves

It’s not the typical look that you carry while wearing an off-the-shoulder dress. We have seen some major sleeve moments on the runways recently. From peekaboo shoulder slits to bubble sleeves, we have seen many experiments with the sleeves.

Whether you are planning to design your wedding dress yourself or you are going to shop it off a brand, take notes. Add some sleeve styling to your wedding outfit.

2. Naked Backs

The plunging V-necklines have been in trend for a good while now. Recently, we have been witnessing barebacks more. Designers have brought in a classic range of backless bridal dresses. You can flaunt your bareback in a nicely designed wedding dress. For the next crop of brides, this is going to be one of the top trends. After all, what is better than a romantic twist on a backless dress!

3. Plunging Necklines

Deep necklines never out of vogue! It’s like one of the most ever-green trends in wedding dresses. We are seeing a resurgence of these hot necklines once again on the runways. It is perhaps the easiest and the classic style to make even the simplest of dresses look fabulous. If you want to make a contemporary yet classic bride, go for a deep and plunging neckline.

4. Corsets Inspired by Lingerie

This season, bridal designers seem to create Moulin Rouge-inspired wedding attires. Underwire cups, corsets, and petite dresses have ruled the runways. And we have never seen supremely sensual lingerie-inspired outfits before. If you want to flaunt your bold, this trend is for you!

5. Super High Slits

Designers have taken the Angelina Jolie slit up a notch. It wasn’t new to the world of bridal wear. But this season, we have seen it go to the next level. Top designers have created some daring slits and the trend is becoming more aggressive. Check out some of the looks online and if they inspire you, don’t be scared to flaunt those gowns with slits!

6. Butterflies

‘90s renaissance? Well, maybe! Bridal dress designers have fallen in love all over again with the butterflies. We are in love with those garden inhabitants more than those intricate embroideries and floral prints. But it’s your big day, so go for what your heart desires!

7. Bridal Belts

Statement accessories are the new big thing on the bridal runways of 2023. Flaunt your waist and cinch it up with a beautiful statement belt. Many popular designers have given a belted treatment to their wedding attires. We think this trend will make you stand out from all the mainstream wedding dresses.

8. Puffed, Off-the-Shoulder Sleeves

Again, this trend doesn’t seem to go away anytime soon. With some slight upgrades and changes, it keeps making its way back as one of the favorite trends. Designers in 2023 are going to update ubiquitous necklines with big sleeves. The ‘80s puffed sleeves are back with a twist. They are more adorned and that makes those off-the-shoulder dresses and gown look stunning.

9. Floral Earrings

Florals are for the fall! Yes, it is groundbreaking. The 2023 bridal collections have a vivid spring vibe with garden frocks, large floral prints, and bold, flower-adorned headpieces. Don’t forget to look up oversized floral earrings and floral jewelry too. Some popular designers have adorned their models with dangling floral earrings. The bigger the flowers, the better!

10. Blushing Brides

This is again not a new trend. It has become a constant part of the world of bridal dresses. This year, the designers are all for a dramatic take on those blush gowns. Even the staunch believers in white wedding dresses can’t ignore the pink gown this year. Designers are all about layering and adorning them with feathers. You can pair your blush gown with some fabulous bridal hair accessories and look like a goddess!

Happy wedding!