10 Anime You Should Watch If You Like Supernatural

    10 Anime You Should Watch If You Like Supernatural

    10 Anime You Should Watch If You Like SupernaturalIf you enjoy Supernatural but don’t watch much anime, these tittles might be just the thing you need to get started!

    The series follows Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester as they hunt various fantastical creatures such as ghosts and demons. The series has captured many peoples’ attention as it has been going on for a decade. If you’re looking for a more anime variant of the highly-acclaimed television show, however, you may want to take a look at these anime that are similar in their own way.

    Attack On Titan

    Attack on Titan is a manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. Attack on Titan is a dark fantasy and post-apocalyptic series about humans living within territories surrounded by tall walls.

    These walls protect them from man-eating humanoids called Titans, calling back the title of the series. The lore within Attack on Titan and gripping stories has made this series garner fans from across the world akin to Supernatural.


    Fate/Apocrypha is a light novel series written by the Japanese game company Type-Moon and part of the Fate franchise. This series, in particular, was written by Yuuichirou Higashide and illustrated by Ototsugu Konoe.

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    Fate/Apocrypha is set in a world opposite to the original Fate/stay night where the events of Fate/stay night and Fate/Zero never occurred. Instead, the story centers on the conflict between Red and Black and their fight within the Third Holy Grail War.

    Re:Zero – Starting Life In Another World –

    Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World – is a light novel series written by Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka. Subaru Natsuki was a high school shut-in who did nothing but play games until he is summoned to another world.

    After befriending an elf named Emilia and mysteriously being murdered, he discovers he has gained an ability called Return by Death. This allows him to reverse time by dying, making the story turn even more twisted with the more that occurs in the story.

    Akame Ga Kill!

    Akame ga Kill! is a manga series written by Takahiro, the writer of Yuuki Yuna is a Hero as well as Release the Spyce and illustrated by Tetsuya Tashiro. After a young swordsman named Tatsumi is swindled out of his money, he is saved by a girl from a wealthy family.

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    However, after discovering his comrades were killed by the girl, he kills her and is soon recruited by Night Raid. The story centers on the members of Night Raid and their fight against the Empire as well as their own personal vendettas.

    The Ancient Magus’ Bride

    The Ancient Magus’ Bride is a manga series written and illustrated by Kore Yamazaki. Chise Hatori was ostracized by her family because she could see the other world, making her an orphan.

    After she decides to sell herself at an auction, she is bought for five million pounds by Elias Ainsworth and becomes her master as well as a fiancé. The series is reminiscent of older fantasies such as Studio Ghibli movies as it does not explain the fantasy components but shows them throughout the series.

    Goblin Slayer

    Goblin Slayer is a light novel series written by Kumo Kagyu and illustrated by Noboru Kannatsuki. Goblin Slayer is a dark fantasy series, so fans of Supernatural are sure to feel at home with the storytelling of this series.

    Goblin Slayer saves priestess after her entire party is wiped out, so she decides to team up with him and join his party. However, Goblin Slayer seems a little too invested in slaying goblins and loses sight of everything else when he does. Even so, the party around him grows, and we are shown their adventures.


    Overlord is a light novel series written by Kugane Maruyama and illustrated by so-bin. After the servers of a DMMORPG (Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) are shut down, a man finds himself inside the game Yggdrasil as his character, Momonga, the leader of The Great Tomb of Nazarick.

    To find his guildmates, he decides to find out if anyone in this world is from the real one like him and become the Overlord of many nations inside the in-game world, donning the name Ainz Ooal Gown.


    Berserk is a manga series written and illustrated by Kentaro Miura. Although there have been multiple adaptions of the anime in modern times that were disappointing, the original anime adaption and manga are held in high-praise for its fantastic art and storytelling.

    It tells the story of a wandering mercenary named Guts and the leader of a mercenary band, Griffith. This is recommended for fans of Supernatural and dark fantasy.

    Blue Exorcist

    Blue Exorcist is a manga series written and illustrated by Kazue Katou. The series received two anime adaptions, one that only adapted half of the canon and the other half that adapted the manga faithfully.

    The story centers on Rin and Yukio Okumura, two twin brothers, who discover they are the sons of Satan. After Rin is revealed to have inherited his powers from his father of blue flames, he enrolls at True Cross Academy so he can defeat his father as an exorcist.

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    Fullmetal Alchemist is a manga series written and illustrated by Hiromu Arakawa. While there is the first season, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is deemed as the more worthy contender as it adapts everything faithfully. The story centers on two brothers named Edward and Alphonse Elric and their journey for the philosopher’s stone to restore their bodies. While Edward lost his leg, Alphonse’s body was trapped inside armor after they failed to revive their mother through alchemy. This is a series full of heart that Supernatural fans would be sure to love.