9 World of Warcraft Dungeon Tips and Guidelines for beginners


World of Warcraft is a game where you can get engaged for quite a long time, and you won’t even realize it. There are so many different characters available in the game, ensuring that there is something for every player. You can be a healer, a tank and learn various spells that will help you play in quests, raids, and even dungeons.

If you have ever stepped into WoW, you must know that numerous dungeons can be spotted everywhere in the game. Such prisons are known to be adventures and should be tackled when you are in a group. Many other tips can help beginner players in tackling these dungeons. Let us have a look at these tips below.

1. Understand your role:

Have you ever been in prison or a dungeon before? If not, it is essential for you to know about your role, especially while playing in a group. When you play as a team, one person will be assigned the role of a tank, one for the healing purpose, and the other left out players for causing the damage or fighting against the rivals in simple language. Whether you are into a group of strangers or playing with your friends, always understand your role before jumping into the game directly.

2. Explore and take some time to learn about WoW:


Beginners should invest some investigating energy in World of Warcraft before choosing to handle prison. Dungeons are populated with more grounded foes, more impressive than the ordinary animals you experience. The prizes are more noteworthy subsequently; however, ensure you’re ready before you endeavor to deal with such an adventurous area.

3. Choose dungeon according to your level:

Not every level allows you to get into the different dungeons, as they are made available according to their various level requirements. There’s a base level, running somewhere in the range of 10 and 50, and a suggested level reach, with the gauge frequently being higher than the base permitted.

Ensure the dungeon you decide to handle fits your level and the level of your partners. If you want to level up easily and tackle a particular dungeon of your choice, consider buying WoW Boost.

4. Pay proper attention when you are in the dungeon:


Generally, when a person plays alone, he doesn’t pay full attention to the game. But when you are playing as a team, and some role is assigned to you, you have to act like a responsible player over there. Observe the game closely to know what is happening around you.

The other players in the group will be dependent upon you to fulfill your role appropriately. So, if you think you cannot play it with full attention, do not go for tackling the dungeon. Apart from tackling the prison at that point, you can consider doing some other activities performed as a solo player.

5. Keep the right gear and supplies with you:

It does not matter your role; you always need to prepare yourself before heading towards the prison. Pick up the right gear that will help you perform your job adequately. Some other items you may need include water, potions, food, and bandages. You cannot think of repairing your armor in such a dangerous zone full of enemies.

6. Always stay with your group:

Since beasts present in the cells are intended to challenge teams of players, this makes it particularly critical to remain with your group. If you run ahead or fall behind, you could undoubtedly run into your enemies, i.e., beasts, and you can’t deal with them all alone. Also, if your team isn’t ready to take them out, it could mean every one of you needs to run back from the cemetery.

Additionally, if anybody in the group gives guidelines – – like “Don’t remain in the fire” – – it’s wise to follow them. (Indeed, it’s wise never to remain in fire, magma, acid, or whatever else that looks possibly upsetting.) A decent team is tied in with functioning collectively, and following bearings is significant assistance.

7. Let your group know about your particular needs:


Do you have a few minutes to play? Or do you want to become a boss for some time? If you have any special requirements, it is better to convey them to other players. This will help them understand you better, and they can also try to help you out with the same. If the group does not fulfill your needs, you can choose other players before entering the dungeon.

8. Try to be polite with your team players:

There’s no exaggeration of how useful it is to be polite to other players in your team. Normal politeness can go quite far towards a pleasant gathering experience if you’re experiencing difficulty, request help (and make sure to say much obliged). Furthermore, assuming somebody offers you tips, attempt to take it generously instead of getting outraged (regardless of whether they aren’t being well mannered). The odds are good that the other player is simply attempting to help you.

9. Learn the rules of looting:

We have been learning to share our things with our siblings and friends since childhood. The same situation arrives when you have to share your loot among the other group members. Try to make sure that the loot is equally distributed to each person. If you are a beginner and do not know about its distribution, it would be better for you to ask some experienced player about it.

To sum up

Dungeons are the regions that can be highly challenging to tackle, especially when you are new to World of Warcraft. You need to know various things before directly heading towards the dungeons. Check out the tips that we have given in this article to fight the monsters well and play your role in the group adequately. Always do your homework before going to any adventurous and dangerous spots like the dungeons.