Instagram is a free online service that allows users to create and distribute pictures and video messages. With the help of the app for Android and iOS, pictures can be uploaded to the social network using a smartphone, edited with the integrated filter and then shared with other users.

Thanks to the new business model on Instagram, statistics on the reach of the posted photos can be called up. Here there is not only an overview of the pictures with the most likes. But also the interactions, reach, impressions, comments or most saved images can be found with one click.

Here are some benefits of instagram are:

IT WILL – As soon as you have really arrived at social media, the planning of contributions starts to be fun and also goes faster and faster.

MAKE CONTACTS – The function of the direct message (DM) or the quick response of the story function makes it easy to send messages and establish contacts with customers or other people in your industry. We met people there that we should never have known otherwise! Clear plus point!

OPTIONS ON INSTAGRAM – The options also offer a large selection. Polls, surveys and other options are offered to make Instagram stories attractive and active.

INSPIRATION – Instagram is a great platform to get suggestions, tips and inspiration. It is also possible to memorize pictures with content and this with just one click.

REACH STRUCTURE – A very clear advantage of Instagram is the rapid build-up of reach (eg in contrast to Facebook. This is possible by setting the hashtags for your target group).

SUGGESTIONS – Instagram offers a variety of profile suggestions. These are based on who you are following or what you like. So you often come across good profiles.

The Golden middle

ALWAYS AND EVERYWHERE TO BE ACTIVE – This is definitely an advantage and a disadvantage for us. It is exciting to be able to check out the content and new profiles anytime, anywhere, but it can also be quite annoying because you have to actively comment, like and post pictures so that you don’t lose sight of them and keep your reach.

STORIES – Instagram has the function of live videos, but also of stories, which you can add and turn off anytime, anywhere. We often have the feeling that the content in the stories is much more important than the actual profile that is behind it. This is a pity! Nevertheless, stories achieve a high reach and, if you have ever managed to not regularly write a post, you can briefly report in the story and give a sign of life.

Images or videos are posted in the Instagram feed.

A video can be up to 1 minute long. However, we would not recommend actually using this 60 seconds to the full. It is realistic that your followers only get stuck with the video for a few seconds and then scroll on – so if in doubt, keep it short!