Why You Need Glo Online Yoga in Your Life

We live in an era of technology that makes it easier than ever to workout at home. Yoga is a particularly enjoyable way to get healthy and in shape, and Glo makes it easy to get a personalized experience right from your living room or home gym. 

So What Exactly is Glo?

There are more and more home workout and online yoga programs cropping up these days, and it can be overwhelming when trying to choose one. However, Glo stands out from many of the other programs because it offers not only a whole package deal but also strives to go above and beyond the competition.

Glo online yoga workouts have been designed so that they can be done solo or in conjunction with the other Glo workouts. That way you can decide what you want to do each day and you can stay motivated. Switching up your workouts can also make it easier rot get in shape since your body, and muscle memory will stay challenged for maximum calorie burn and optimum metabolic performance. 

What Glo Offers

Glo offers online yoga that is specifically designed with women in mind. It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is either because there are many different intensities to choose from so that you can find a yoga workout that is perfect for you and your skill. Each yoga workout will give you a total body challenge so that you can strengthen every part of your body and get the results that you deserve.

Glo offers a low impact Barre workout that combines Pilates and ballet to make for a fun yet challenging workout. You can also choose from boxing, Sculpt, cardio kickboxing, and a bounce workout regimen. Bounce will make you feel like a kid again as you get in shape with the use of a mini trampoline. Cardio kickboxing will make you sweat, and you can do it anywhere since you don’t need weights, bands, or any other special equipment. Cardio kickboxing is effective because it utilizes your own bodyweight to build strength and muscle. Sculpt uses weights and bands to tone muscle and is a great option if you don’t like cardio. Glo’s Boxing routine was developed by Cary Williams, who is an Olympic trainer and will strengthen your cardiovascular health well toning and building muscle.

Why Glo Stands Out

Glo’s online yoga is meant to empower women all over the world and is an excellent option for those with bust schedules, stay-at-home-moms, and anyone who can’t easily make it to the gym. Developed by Kirsten Strickland, a fitness veteran, it is a fitness program that will get you excited about getting in shape again. Strickland’s mission is to help women get fit while in a comfortable atmosphere despite fitness level, weight goals, or any other differences. She wants women to be proud of their bodies rather than being shamed by them and to take control of their body image while staying healthy and fit.