Why you need a simple web design

Every business has a digital presence these days mainly in the form of a website. All the businesses are also using social media platforms for marketing their products or services. The website design matters a lot if you want to use your website for increasing the sales of your products or services. We are going to discuss some important tips for improving the design of the website.

Use fold on the website

There are different arguments regarding the use of the fold on the website, many say it is not required anymore but the data shows that it still matters, therefore you should consider it when designing your website. The available data from some surveys show that 57% of people still spend time above the fold. However, it is important to ensure that the headline on the website is descriptive and clear. It should explain what the users should expect from the content. Try to use brief headlines, you can add some power words in it. The call to action is very important on the website, it actually helps in increasing the conversion rate of the website. It is also important to include media on the website, you can add audio, video, and images on the website to increase the retention rate of the users.

Give more choices to the users

If you want to increase the retention rate of the users on your website, then offer them more choices and they would surely take more time in making the decision. There are many other techniques that website designers can use to attract users. The number of the menu items on the website should be reduced to keep them focused. The form fields should be limited. In short, you need one goal for one page and then design it accordingly. In short, try to give more choices to the customers and they are likely to explore all the available options.

Web design should be simple

The design of the website should be simple. When the website is visually complex, the users leave websites and would visit your competitors. Don’t add sidebars on the website, they make the website design complex, there should be a single column on your website. When there are no sidebars, the user would focus on the content only. Make sure that you are following the standard layouts on the website to improve the experience of the users. Most users love to visit websites where they see familiarity. However, that does not mean that you start copying designs used by others, you can add some customization in the designs but eventually, it should be simple and easy to navigate for the users.

In short, the website designs matter a lot in increasing the conversions of any business from the website. If you are displaying the images of the products, make sure that they are original and professional shots and does not affect the design and speed of the website. You need to increase convenience for the user on the website to increase sales of your products.