Why PGP Encryption is What Keeps the Dark Net Running

Well, encryption is the base for all the communication being received and sent on the Dark Net. The majority of the Dark Net exploits Tor Hidden Services with the onion router. This router uses complex encryption to protect your identity. Consequently, the most favorite browser Google Chrome will take strict action if you try to access encrypted surface wbsites thanks to the reason stated above. 


It doesn’t mean everything you are sending/receiving on the Dark Net is protected by encryption. Your email communication in particular is more vulnerable to the hackers strikes as the technology backing email communication is really insecure. 

Using Email Communication on the Dark Net 

It means your email communication on the Dark Net is really insecure and your privacy is at stake if it gets to the third party due to encryption. Although the email provider’s encryption is likely to protect your emails from being intercepted, the chance is there the service provider himself can read the emails. That’s where PGP or Pretty Good Privacy technology gets into action. 

What Is PGP Technology? 

PGP is an amazingly powerful encryption based technology. It’s quite powerful to protect all of your sensitive telecommunication. Journalists love to use PGP thanks to its powerful protective nature. The powerful protection is the only reason journalists love to use it for correspondence on platforms like Twitter handles. The messages sent and received through PGP are pretty secure as well as verifiable for being real. 

Released in 1991 by Symantec, it’s fully capable of fixing security holes inline with the modern day internet privacy needs. For more details you can check this article why PGP encryption is what keeps the dark net running. 

Why Is PGP Special? 

The strength of encryption algorithm along with the speed and the ease of the encryption are primarily responsible for a great balance between the two and that’s what PGP deals with very skillfully. The balanced encryption keeps it atop among other available technologies.


The Modus Operandi of PGP: 

It’s an asymmetric encryption system that PGP works on. Asymmetric system uses two encryption keys, the private key and the public key. The information you want to send will use the public key to encrypt your information. In order to unlock the message you will need the private key. That’s why the private keys are supposed to be protected at any cost. It means anyone having access to your private keys has access to your all private sensitive communication. 

PGP As a Form Of Authentication:


PGP is a great technology as it can be used for authentication purposes as well. The only difference is that it works the other way around compared to the process discussed above. The private key helps you encrypt your digital signature. Then your public key helps you decrypt. The reverse process proves that you are the guy who sent that message. 


The Combo of PGP and the Dark Net 

PGP befits the very spirit of the Dark Net in a good number of ways. PGP is a great technology to use. When you use PGP for encryption purposes or signing a message, you feel very much at home in IT which adds to your satisfaction. 

But, yes you are absolutely right to say that nowadays there are so many communication service providers that use end-to-end encryptions.


The fact is all of these service providers use locally generated encryptions keys. Besides, they handle all the handshakes and authentication locally. The point that adds to your satisfaction is that the very service provider itself doesn’t know about your public or private key and as such can’t read your messages. In this case, the products like Whatsapp, Telegram and Signal are huge achievements in terms of privacy. Even very powerful organizations like the FBI don’t have enough financial or technological resources to decrypt a single word of a message. 

Still, the elite of the Dark Net is not satisfied with the state of the art technology of PGP. PGP strives hard to bar the nuts and bolts of the encryption process. The elite ruling the Dark Net want to see everything pretty naked from their own eyes. Only then they might attain a certain level of assurance.