Why are most aircraft seats blue?

Whenever we analyze a detail of any aircraft we realize that each aspect defeats a specific motivation, whether it is safe, practical or to improve the passenger’s journey. The same happens with the color chosen for the seats, it is no accident that the seats of the planes are blue.

There are three reasons why aircraft seats are blue, just as there is a reason why you will not see the right angles in the windows. Although it is also true that not all companies have them of this color, it does happen most of the time.

The first motive is eminently practical: like gray,  blue is a color that is very easy to clean. Be it sweat, food scraps or other cause, in case the seat gets dirty it will not be as complicated to clean as others.

Another reason is the sensation that transmits the color. As with any object you see on the plane, you will not find strong colors. All colors are usually soft, of those that convey tranquility and well-being. The objective of the airlines is that the passenger makes the trips as calm as possible.

Finally, blue has historically been a color widely used in logos and all the branding of airlines, especially in the United States. Maintaining the corporate color is something important, that the passenger/client associates the details to the company well deserves an effort.

As you can see, some aspects go beyond security or the aesthetic value they have. If you are one of those who get nervous when flying, you can always analyze every detail you see on the plane, you will find meaning.