Whiskey -: The taste you like

In these days, different kinds of alcoholic beverages are available in the market. Apart from all of these beverages, Whisky stands out to be best. Whiskey gets its name from the Gaelic word “uisge beatha,” meaning “water of life”. Whiskies brands are available in different types and have a number of different varieties. These highly desirable beverages are made up from the fermented grain mash. There are various types of grains that are used in the production of Whisky, such as malted Barley, Barley, rye, maize and wheat. This finished product is consistently stored in a round container, and it gets better with age. It can be quite challenging to choose the best whisky in India that will best suit your taste and can create a great deal of confusion. 

So to reduce this confusion, we have provided you with the list of various Whisky as per their taste which is available in India-:


  • Scotch


Scotch is one of the most popular brands of Whisky. It is usually named as malt whiskey or grain whiskey. Scotch is made from dried malted Barley which is produced in wetland and has been distilled after fermentation. This distilled mixture is then combined with corn rye whisky. This corn rye is distilled at 180 proofs whereas the initial distillation of the fermented Barley is done at 140 test. Then finally the light-bodied smoky flavoured drink scotch has been produced that has its origins in Scotland. Types of scotches which are available in India are ARDBEG, JOHNNIE WALKER, BALLANTINE’S Finest and much more.


  • Malt Whisky


Malt whisky is the original Whisky of Scotland. Malt whisky is made up with the help of malted barley. It is made from a fermented mash which containing primarily of malted barley. This type of Whisky is available at vast aspect, and it follows the traditional method of distilling and fermenting. It is made in a traditionally shaped pot look like an onion. If we talk about the top brands of Malt Whisky, they are Balvenie’s DoubleWood, The Arran Malt 14, Old Pulteney’s and much more.


  • Single Malt Whisky


This type of Whisky is not possible to combine with any other type of Whisky. It comes out of just one distillery. It is purely made out of malted barley and bears the trademark of the distillery in its taste, which is specific to the distillery. There is also a possibility to combine single malt whisky with other varieties, but only for those who would like to have a difference in the taste of Single Malt Whisky. Different types of Malt Whisky which are available in India are ABERFELDY, BANFF, BRORA, DUFFTOWN and much more.


  • Vetted Malt Whisky


Vetted Malt Whisky can be formed by taken different distilleries together and blend these. Vetted malt whisky is available in various types of labels to denote this. Labels indicate the different names such as “Pure Malt”, “Malt” or “Blended Malt”. These all are vetted malt whisky with different names.


  • Straight Whisky


Straight Whisky can be distilled at not more than 160 proofs and is well known for its full flavour, aroma and body. The minimum strength of this finished product is 80 proof, contains no additives apart from water, and is left to age for at least two years in charred oak barrels. Its label name depends on the type of dominant grain used in the mash. For example, When corn is used, this whisky name will be labelled as ‘Straight Corn Whisky’ and when wheat is used, then it will be known as ‘Straight Wheat Whisky’.


  • Blended Whisky


Blended Whisky can be usually made by combining grain whisky with malt whisky. As the taste of grain whiskies are generally accounted to be of lower quality. So, it is combined with malt whisky to improve the quality of the final product. Blended Whisky can also be derived by blending malt whiskies with many different distilleries. If we look out for the types of blended Whisky, various kinds of this Whisky are ALEX FERGUSON, BANKNOTE, BARTON, BLACK BOTTLE, CLUNNY and much more. 


  • Grain Whisky


This type of Whisky was firstly produced in the 1930’s, as a unique still was invented for its production. Apart from other grains such as maize and wheat, Barley as well as malted barley is used in the production of grain whisky. When we talk about grain whisky brands, they are ARBIKE, CAMBUS, DUMBARTON and much more.


We hope that the above article about various whiskeys brands and their taste this will assist you to accurately know about the taste and brands which are available in the market. This will adequately let you know about the taste and the best whisky in India which you will love to have so that you can enjoy the taste.