Incontinence is a situation that does not only affect the person suffering from it. Family members and other loved ones who are responsible for taking care of the person suffering from it are very much part of the situation. These people have to be there to give moral and emotional support so that they won’t feel bad about his condition. At some point throughout the incontinence care, the patient may disagree with his caregiver on the most comfortable ways to manage his illness. One of the common disagreements is the use of disposable underpads 30×36.

Before you can choose the appropriate incontinence product, it’s always best if you get the opinion of a medical professional. A medical professional will first determine the level of it a person has before creating an incontinence management plan that will include exercises, medication, and the use of the products like incontinence pads.

It is the first line of defense against such illness. They come in different shapes, sizes, and absorbency. Disposable pads are ideal for light incontinence because they can easily be worn under the underwear. Because they are 100% disposable, non woven dry wipes it is very easy to throw them after use. Disposable pads are very useful during travel and sports activities where you cannot immediately go to the restroom when you feel the urge to urinate. However, since it has a plastic backing protecting the absorbent material, it may be irritating for some who have sensitive skin.

On the other hand, reusable pads are made from cotton or flannel which is very gentle on the skin. These pads have very absorbent material that provides comfort to the wearer. They urine is trapped within the many layers and thus keeping the wearer dry. These pads are easily cleaned by hand or machine washing and can do its job until it gets worn out. From the two, reusable pads are indeed economical and friendly to the environment in the long term.

As with other things, you need to check out the pros and cons between using disposable and reusable pads. Once you are able to determine which will help you manage your situation, you’ll be comforted to know that you have made the right choice. This illness is definitely manageable if you take the time to learn about the condition. But don’t limit yourself to one type of product, consult a medical professional for the right advice.

Another great feature is that the fabric in these pants is soft on the skin and has the ability to wick away moisture preventing irritating rashes.

More good news. These products now come designed gender specific and actually resemble ordinary underwear. Men have a choice of boxer or shorts and the absorbent material is located in the front of the pant. Women have choices in design as well and the pants are designed to offer the most protection in the middle of the garment.

While disposable pants offer the ultimate in convenience, incontinence pants come in washable and reusable styles as well. Having reusable pants obviously reduces the cost of incontinence care but they are not as convenient as the disposable type. Some people find a mix of pants, disposable for the day and washable for sleeping, to be the best solution.

Disposable incontinence pants have come a long way and so has their acceptance among sufferers. If you find yourself in need of products and are unsure what to get, contact your doctor as he or she knows what’s available and can make a recommendation that fits your personal requirements.


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