Where To Buy Masks Online And Get Them Delivered Within Days

With the situation going on in the world right now, buying face masks like N95 has become almost impossible. Even if they are available, the manufacturers are responding first to government agencies and hospitals. But the general public doesn’t need N95 masks as they aren’t exposed to the same level to threat as the healthcare professionals.

So, buying the best alternatives, like KN95 and 3ply masks is your best bet. These masks have been approved as a good alternative to the N95 masks. The best part is that they are readily available for the general public. There are online vendors taking orders for KN95 and 3ply masks. They can deliver your order within days.

Note that the homemade masks won’t work against the COVID-19 particles suspended in the air. So, you must use a proper mask to stay safe during these uncertain times.

Made-Up Masks Won’t Help You

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the shortage of masks is becoming a norm in many countries. So, to cope with this shortage, paper masks are being sold in many supermarkets and even in medical stores.

The distributors are selling out of N95 masks because they’re reserving their stocks for the first responders. Doctors and healthcare professionals buy from these stores when government won’t provide them with the suitable protective gear.

With the shortage of masks increasing, we’ve seen stores selling the rectangular face masks for up to $1 per piece. That’s too much for a paper mask, and this doesn’t even provide you with enough protection.

  • The paper masks are made to block the germs in your breath from spreading in the atmosphere.
  • They can’t filter out the incoming air effectively. Cloth masks work in the same way too.
  • You have to keep the cloth masks perfectly clean for multiple usages.

We can conclude that for real protection from the COVID-19 infection, KN95 and 3ply masks are your best bet. They are also the best alternatives to N-95 mask.

So, what if you’re interested in buying KN95 or 3ply masks?

Here’s a Trusted Retailer!

Finding a trusted retailer these days who’ll actually deliver on time is very difficult. But don’t worry, there’s still a retailer you can trust.

American Gear is one of the few trusted retailers right now with a suitable stock of KN95 and 3ply masks. They are known to deliver within days of you placing an order. They ship the same day from their warehouse in NYC. They’re even giving their customers 10% off if they use the code BOOST10. Additionally, 10% of all their current revenue is being donated to the charities. They process and deliver your order really fast. This might be your last hope to get these effective masks for a discounted price, so, hurry up!

While other vendors are only entertaining bulk orders, American Gear is taking order for as low as a 10-mask-pack. You can buy as many KN95 and 3ply masks as you want. So, place an order today and get the masks delivered as soon as possible.