What You Need to Know About Employee Engagement Software

What you need to know about

Employees are the backbone of every business. Experience and research have shown how vital employee engagement is for the overall growth of any business organization. Apart from customer satisfaction and cash flow, employee engagement is ranked as one of three essential factors for a company’s well being.

Despite the essential nature of employee engagement, the majority of workers today report being stressed because of a lack of company communication. Many consider quitting their jobs as an inability to communicate their problems with the company hampered their work significantly.

Hence, it is crucial to ensure that every business that aims to grow exponentially must have excellent employee engagement software.

What is Employee Engagement Software?

Employee engagement software comes under the HR software category. It uses various tools, such as surveys, task management ideas, games, and data analytics, for managers to understand how they can boost employee engagement.

Major HRIS software today comes equipped with employee engagement features. However, it is highly advisable to purchase separate employee engagement software for the best solution.

Research shows that companies with higher employee engagement tend to register significantly more profits than those without employee engagement software. Employee engagement software has multifunctional use for different businesses. For some companies, employee engagement software can help enhance sales. It also assists other companies in finding it to reduce turnover or to provide efficient employee training.

Realize the true potential that your choice of employee engagement software has so you can get the full benefits and an added edge over competitors. When you pair this software with others like enterprise performance management software it becomes extremely helpful for not only improving the morale of the employees but also enhancing their performance and ensuring optimal employee retention while keeping the business’s goals and performance in check.

Why Do We Need Employee Engagement Software?

Employee engagement software helps business owners and managers to get prompt and regular feedback from employees. The software also helps to analyze the feedback results and set aims to improve employee engagement.

Employee engagement software is a handy tool for managers to perform various management tasks relating to employees.

Some of the top features of ideal employee engagement software are:

Survey Templates

Any HR manager knows how difficult it is to actually write questions for surveys. It is definitely a challenge to come up with authentic questions, to form them properly in the best way that gets the desired feedback. This becomes extremely easy with ideal employee engagement software as these come with a library of general employee survey questions, most of which are from experts, such as data scientists and psychologists.

Pulse Surveys

The best way that employee engagement software helps managers to determine the level of employee satisfaction is with pulse surveys.

Pulse surveys are designed to be sent out frequently and regularly by HR personnel and managers to employees so that employee engagement can be measured effectively. In simple words, pulse surveys can ask questions that helps managers decide the level of job satisfaction that the employees have overall.

Survey Segmentation and Customization

Top employee engagement software allows managers to compile their own list of survey questions apart from the conventional survey questions that are already built into the questionnaire.

Employees can choose to answer questions by clicking on available responses (just like an MCQ) or by typing in a reply manually. These surveys and questionnaires can be sent to the entire list of employees in the office or can be sent selectively to employees from a specific department within an organization.


Usually, employee engagement software allows employees to set short-term goals for themselves when completing surveys. As the next survey becomes due, employees can quickly check which goals have been achieved.

Top employee engagement software allow employees to provide inputs, like shifting priorities or complications in case these short-term goals are not achieved for optimal feedback.

Recognition and Appreciation

Getting recognized for doing their work is an essential morale booster for any employee. Numerous research studies have shown that managers and businesses that regularly and emphatically recognize and appreciate employee work tend to have higher levels of employee retention and job satisfaction. This is great way for monitor employes working from home.

Excellent employee engagement software also has features that display appreciation and gratitude to employees for a job well done. Although the labels may be different in different software, this feature is vital for an ideal employee engagement software.


Ideally, employee engagement software should help managers to keep track of collective employee mood in the organization. This is also excellent to form long-term goals for organizations and employees alike. Once the employee engagement software has helped set these goals, managers find it easy to keep track of long-term goals and check employees’ progress towards these goals with regularity.

This long-term progress tracking is beneficial to ensure the professional development of the employees as well.


Effective employee engagement software systems provide managers and HR easy-to-use dashboards. Besides, the software helps HRs and managers to gauge the latest trends and concerns of the employees throughout the company with the help of expert reports. These reports are excellent to see vital employee aspects, such as pulse survey compilation rates, rate of employee engagement department wise engagement rates, eNPS (employee net promoter scores), etc.


Most major employee engagement software today allows the mobile capability for their systems. These mobile apps have made the job of HRs and managers extremely easy and efficient. Employees can simply download the engagement software app on their mobile phones and complete the surveys and other employee engagement activities anywhere and at any time.

How Can Employee Engagement Software Help a Business?

Essentially, ideal employee engagement software helps to check the level of commitment of employees to their jobs, which is one of the top factors to decide business success. Low employee productivity is the primary reason that affects overall business performance.

Hence, when employee engagement software is used, it automatically results in low turnover, improved customer experience, and increased productivity.


Employee engagement software is ideal for measuring the employee mood, which can help set realistic and feasible goals for the company. Medium and large businesses find employee engagement software most beneficial.