What Makes LOL Smurf Account A Better Option?

Discussions among players are often heard, on, why to buy LOL Smurf accounts is a better option? There are few good reasons to believe that it is indeed a good option, but, for others, they will stick to their main account.

Why Others Are Playing Smurf?

  • They want to be flexible- Playing with a Smurf account will allow you to play with almost anything. Meeting different new players, all with different techniques will be fulfilling. This will develop your flexibility, because, different challenges will come from time to time.
  • They just want to challenge themselves – Others are passionate enough to challenge themselves. You have the opportunity to do it from scratch and work yourself to a higher rank. Doing it the second time is more than enough to prove themselves.
  • Their main account has been banned- Some of the older players have their main accounts banned for some reasons. That’s the reason, why, they are using Smurf LOL accounts. Using this account will hide their identity.
  • Crossing to other region-Others finds it enjoyable to play with players from other regions. They may also have friends and relatives from there.
  • Wanted to prove their capability- others are playing Smurf to prove their capability. Playing with unknown players will be another challenge for them.
  • To get better statistics than their main account- Playing Smurf will allow you to get better statistics than your old account because you will be playing against new players.
  • To help friends new to the game rank up faster- sometimes, you have friends new to the game and they cannot play with you in the rank game because you already have a very high rank so the only way to play with them in a rank match is to have a smurf account.
  • To make fun of the new players- When you are a player with a high rank that means you are already good at the game. Some of those players love to make fun of new players so what they do is make a smurf account to destroy the new players who still have little experience in playing the game.

These are some of the reasons for playing smurf on LOL. It’s a great way to experience new things and the excitement of playing with new and unranked players. These players bring with them new techniques and challenges for you to take.