What makes fossils so important for us as humans?

Fossils are the ancient remains of living creatures that many years ago roamed our planet. The many fossils that have been excavated contain a great deal of information about how our planet functioned in the time the fossilized creature lived. As humans, it is necessary for us to learn as much as we can about our planet and knowing its history can give us a better understanding of the past. The age of a fossil can range between 10,000 to 3.48 billion years old, which is so impressive because there are species of dinosaurs that are closer in age to our modern human civilization than to other dinosaur species.

Getting a fossil is a fantastic way you can learn more about the past and is recommended you get one if you are curious or want to become a Paleontologist. You can always visit Fossilicious.com to shop for a wide array of stunning authentic fossils. If you are wondering what makes fossils so important, then let me delve deeper into the reason why fossils are so important for us.

Evidence of their existence:

Evidence is what we utilize as hard facts to indicate something being true. Having a fossil is the perfect proof of the existence of a creature that lived for many years in the past. By being able to study fossils and dig them out from the ground, we can assure that the creatures that lived long before us where giant reptiles that once roamed the world. By having a variety of different fossils, we can be sure of the many species that lived in the ancient world.

Dating Earth’s past events:

Geologists and paleontologists are able to determine the age of the fossil or layer through research and study. Being able to determine the age of a fossil can allow us to understand how long ago this creature lived. Long before we populated the earth many other species have come and go, and fossils are the perfect way to determine which creatures roamed the earth and in how many years ago they did.

Proof of evolution:

One of the most important reasons for studying fossils is to show proof that evolution has happened several times over a course of time. Many dinosaurs are closer in age to our modern civilization than to other more ancient dinosaur species, which allows us to determine the many changes they went through as their bodies adapted to the many changes that could have happened when they were alive. There are many different dinosaurs’ species that look similar and have a vast gap in age between one with the other, such as Triceratops and the Hualianceratops which is an older relative for about 100 million years.

Petroleum fossil fuel:

One of the most widely known uses of fossils is on their fuel form. Fossil fuels in its definition are those that come from the remains of dead plants and animals over the course of time. Petroleum is widely utilized to make engines of all kinds of work. This material is formed over the course of millions of years while matter turns into a black goop, which is formed under sedimentary rock via both natural pressure and heat. Petroleum is also known as crude oil and it’s the mixture of over a hundred different hydrocarbon molecules and carbon that is very flammable. This kind of fossil fuel is also known as black gold, due to how expensive it is.

Fossils help better understand all kinds of life:

A fossil can come from a plant, a dinosaur, an insect or even from ancient fish. The best way to better comprehend how our planet was back then is by studying the ancient life that roamed it on those days. Fossils can help us understand a variety of factors such as physical structure, evolution, age, environment, geology, species and much more. Currently, researchers have managed to identify around 700 different dinosaur species and each has been thoroughly studied to better understand their behavior, life, environment, etc.

As stated before, fossils of all kinds are very interesting and possess a great deal of information that can open a window to the past. Many types of fossils have been categorized in types ranging from petrified fossils, cast fossils, mold fossils, and true form fossils and each one can tell a different story of the past. Fossils are proof that our planet Earth is very old and over the course of time has managed to be the home of many different creatures that have come and go through the years.