What is the most secure payment method?

Customers can now buy their favorite brands from all over the world, thanks to the Internet and advanced online payment methods. Along with the positive and the positive side of the Internet and online secure payment methods, there is a dark side: the security hole. Every time you make a payment online; there is a small element of risk that hackers or thieves will secretly steal your banking or payment information. It can be risky, if this happens, as they can use your account to make fraudulent payments on their accounts, buy items or even get your money. The fight against unauthorized payments can, however, is achieved by using the most secure payment gateway.

Credit Cards

A credit card may be the best choice for your online transactions, including your purchases. Credit cards are a convenient way to make payments, not to mention their security. Additionally, the process for paying by credit card is generally similar for all websites. They have a strong function of protection against fraud. Moreover, it is quite simple to reverse funds when a bad trade is made.

Whenever you make online transactions with your credit card, the money is not immediately deducted from your bank account. Rather, the card issuer pays for the goods or services and you pay later. So, whenever you notice suspicious activity, you can let your card issuer know to prevent further fraud. To pay securely with your credit card, make sure the website you are transacting from is secure. You can visit many VPN review sites to find out the best VPNs to use while browsing these sites. Check site security features such as the letters “https:” at the beginning of the URL and a small padlock image in the upper left corner.

N-Genius payment device

The N-Genius payment device will complement any business environment. N-Genius software is supported by android. With its large, simple, intuitive touch screen user interface and update sleek design, the device will offer an enriched experience for all users to enjoy. It’s easy to use and best secure Payment method.

  • Plug and play set up lets you accept payments
  • Accepts all major credit cards, including visa, Master cards and Mercury schemes.
  • Accepts contactless and mobile wallet solutions like Apple Pay, Samsung pay and Alipay.

Debit Cards

Another inexpensive and secure way to make online payments is by using debit cards. By using a debit card to complete online payments, funds are deducted directly from your account. With a debit card, you don’t have to worry about racking up debts as it is with credit cards. An extra feature of debit cards that ousts credit cards is the “zero liability” protection.

Here’s a tip to help you insulate your account and protect your debit card details: use a prepaid card to make payments. Funds are loaded onto the card, preventing any direct withdrawal from your checking account. It also reduces the time you use your details to complete transactions online.

Debit cards are also best secure payment methods for online transactions since their issuers provide 24-hour fraud monitoring services. This helps detect any suspicious activities, if any, and mitigate them beforehand. One-time passwords are also used when transacting with debit cards such that only the real owners of the cards can use them. These passwords are sent to the mobile devices of the cardholders through SMS or Email.