What is paint by number?


Painting by number is simply a system where a picture is always divided into shapes and each one of them is marked as a number that corresponds to a certain color. What an artist is supposed to do is make sure that they have painted in each shape and a picture emerges immediately after the painting is finished. Paint by numbers custom is always ridiculed by many artists for being very simple, formulaic, and uncreative. Although it faces many negativities from artists, paint by number is still very helpful in getting across the concept that a painting is built up through the help of multiple colors and shapes. At first, the shapes won’t make any sense especially when you look at them individually. Some of them won’t look like anything really but when you put them together, they will surely create a beautiful image.

As a painter, it is very important to learn to see the color shapes for yourself. you should not be dwelling on printed diagrams. Completing a paint by number canvas or project can be very helpful in making sure that you can observe and make some color and area analysis. This can be very helpful in moving away from thinking about what the finished work of art will be looking like. Paint by number may not have been received very well by many artists out there but we cannot deny that it has important benefits to our lives.

Paint by number kit

If you are just getting started with paint by numbers, it is very important that you understand what paint by number kit is all about. Paint by number kit will include little pots of paint in many colors, brushes, and as a printed outline of the picture that you have to paint. The paint in the kit may look like it is a lot but it should be enough to help you complete the painting. If you already have any compatible paints, you can as well consider using them. It is very important that you first check the type of paint that the kit contains before getting started. The best kit should come with acrylic paint. This type of paint is preferable to oil paint because acrylic paint dries quickly and you can easily use water to wash your brushes. That makes painting very easy especially for beginners.

How to paint by number

If you wish to get your project done the correct way, it is very important that you know how to paint by number the correct way. Many people are always tempted to paint so that they can finish one section of the picture at a time but that will lead to a lot of washing of brushes and you will waste a lot of paint as well. Instead of dwelling on painting a picture at a time, it is advisable that you consider painting one color at a time. When painting, start with the largest area of the color you are working on to the smallest.