After the death of a person, only his memories remain, and no one can take his place, and a family has to struggle a lot to come out of that loss. Cemetery plaques are placed over the grave of our loved ones to keep their memories alive. Cemetery plaques, headstones, gravestones, etc., are placed on the top of the grave, and usually, they are placed on the head-side of the body. That’s why they are also called headstones.

There is the tradition of Burial among Christians, Muslims, and Jewish people, where the body is buried in the ground after the death of a person. And in his memory, cemetery plaques are built on which some good things are written about that person. Some other things are also written like name, date of birth and date of death and sometimes their picture is also put on it.

There are many options available for the selection of headstones today. However, to pay tribute to our loved ones and to preserve their memories, we should take care of their grave from time to time. On-time we should keep repairing and replacing the plaques as headstones get damaged and break after some time.

The material used for making Plaques

A wide variety of materials are used to make Cemetery plaques. Today, we have many options for choosing a headstone; many have a good life, many are very attractive.

  • Stones: If we talk about stones, then granite, marble, sandstone, and many more stones are used for making headstones. Generally, people use only stones to make headstones because they last for a long time and do not get damaged quickly. Stones used according to the place and how long the stones can last depend on the weather conditions there. If it rains heavily at a particular location, over time, marbles and limestones start dissolving.
  • Metal, Wood, Plants: Iron headstones last for a long time, but the things written on them survive only until rusting is done. Once the iron is rusted, it does not show the writing on it. Making gravestones from wood was very popular in the Victorian Era, but it was short-lived due to the natural decomposition of wood. Planting is a very popular graveyard, especially roses, and a particular type of planting is done over the graveyard so that its location can be found.
  • Inscription: Inscriptions are sometimes made in place of markers. Some information is given about the person, like date of birth, date of death, full name, dates. In larger cemeteries, people make inscriptions so that they can know the exact location of the graveyard. Large famous religious text, poetry, or fur quotes are also written on many inscriptions. Inscriptions are traditionally placed on the forward-facing side of the cemetery.


To keep the memory of your loved ones always intact and to give them tribute, you keep taking care of the Cemetery plaques, get them repaired and repaired from time to time if needed. You can use good headstones so that you can remember them with a good heart and refresh your memories whenever you go to the cemetery.




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