What are themed slots in online casinos?

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If you were looking to play a casino game a decade ago, you would have gone in search of a casino house in your locality. But with the advent of the world wide web, it has become easier to play your favorite casino games at the ease of sitting back in your home with a mobile or a laptop. Since it has become easy, more newbie players have started to play casino games online. To attract newbie players, online casino websites are using more popular games as their primary offerings. One such attraction factor is the collection of online slot machine games. You can find many online websites like slotxo who provide a wide range of slot machine games. Although there were only classical slots in the past, the games in recent days are having a themed nature. More themed slots are used in both online and physical casinos. It has become difficult to see a traditional slot game without any themes in the present conditions. In this article, let us discuss the themed slots in brief.

What are the themed slots?

Themed slot games are the same slot machine games that operate with the help of symbols on reels. The difference from the classic slots is that the symbols will be reflecting a specific theme, and all of them will be related to it. These themes can be anything from movies, fictional characters, novels, animations, adventure, space, etc. The main objective of setting up the slot machines with a specific theme is to attract the attention of the audience and induce their emotions. People are attracted to fictional characters with an emotional bond. Casinos are using this emotional attachment to gain customers. All the rules and regulations of an ordinary slot game will apply for this also. Only the animation, sounds, and effects will vary.

Some of the most popular themes in online slots

Among the thousands of themes available in online slot games, we can pick some of them and categorize them into small groups based on their nature. Many themes will come under any one of the following categories.
• Movietheme for slots
• Horrortheme for slots
• Space theme for slots
• Fruit theme for slots

Movie-themed slots – These slots will have a theme built around the crux of a popular movie. For example, you can find a set up based on the adventures of superman or Avengers. Since a majority of players will like these superheroes, they are more likely to try the slots.

Horror-themed slots – Most of the people will love to be scared. Hence, horror is the primary theme used in slot games.

Space themed slots – The factor of consideration for this theme is that people will stop and look at least for a minute if a place is full of stars and planets.

Fruit themed slots – All the symbols on the reels will be fruits. Although it seems simple, it is one of the most popular themes.