You would find it easy to sell and buy products online using the digital payment methods available out there as there is a mobile phone for everyone. However, the process is not only easy for the consumers but is also easy for the scammers and cybercriminals out there to take your money away from you. It would be tedious for them to take a dollar from their pocket in real life. However, they would not find it that much difficult to get your digital information in a spammy way and take your money without your knowledge. There are thousands of websites out there that ask for your banking information for various purposes. Although 70 percent of these sites would be reliable, the remaining thirty percent is enough for your money to get lost. So, it is necessary to know the websites where your digital Money (꽁머니) would be safe and secure without any threats. There are several websites out there that let you know about these digital scams and crimes and guide you to avoid them by providing suggestions of the websites where your digital money would be safe. So, you can use these sites to safely transact online. However, it would be helpful if you understand the various threats out there for your digital safety. Let us discuss some of these threats in brief in this article.

Threats to digital transactions

Identity theft

The primary threat to digital payments is the process of identity theft. It is the act of the fraudsters stealing your credit card details in some ways and using them for purchases. They could get your personal information like name, address, and email using various hacking methods.


Phishing is the process used by scammers to loot their money. They would send you attractive emails or messages containing some links. These emails and texts could tempt you by mentioning that you have won a lottery or something. Once you click on the links, you will get redirected to a fake website where you would be asked to provide your banking information and card details. Once you do so, everything would be stored in the scammer’s database and he could misuse them.


It is a similar process to phishing. However, here, the fraudster would use a phone number that looks natural and would call you to ask for your banking information pretending to be a reliable bank person or someone else. Once you give the details, your money would get reduced in your account frequently.

Merchant fraud

In this type of fraud, you will get to see attractive products at unbelievable prices on some fake e-commerce websites. However, they would ask you to pay immediately using a card to proceed. So, you would provide your credit card details and proceed to pay the amount. But your product would not get shipped forever. You could not even get the amount back if you raise a dispute with your card issuer.


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