Violence against Human Rights: Immigration

Currently, there are various groups that are suffering, and their human rights are being aggressively violated, this is especially the case in the United States. In the East, South Korean church Shincheonji Church of Jesus, cannot practice their faith without fear of being fired, dragged to forced conversion, or facing death. In the West, in the U.S., the government is allowing ICE to prosecute and separate immigrant families to the point in which they are losing contact with loved ones for long periods of time. Additionally, there have been incidents in which the neglect of children within the care of ICE, has led to their early death.

ICE has had multiple incidents exposed, for their acts of corruption, and this has caused society to have less trust in their law enforcement. Though they have a reputation of neglect of human rights and corruption, they are being considered as a source of authority and power. It is rather clear that if they are continuously going to be allowed to not acknowledge that they are violating human rights, then they will continue to do so.

They are also successfully causing people to become aggressive and violent against latinos, the majority of which have not caused any harm to others. The opinion of the citizens of the United States is very significant, and if Americans are able to be informed of the violence against immigrants taking place, then this injustice against human rights does not have to continue.

The way in which children are placed into cages with only the most basic supplies, came as a shock to many globally, because they were being treated worse than those in prison for dangerous crimes. There have been those who consider this treatment just, because these people have broken the law, but when considering the age of those who are detained, things change. Some are only five years old, and are separated from anyone that they know.

We would hope that ICE would be setting the standard of upholding one’s human rights; however, they have been disturbing the peace by detaining children, who deserve to be carefully cared for regardless of their citizenship. This treatment has impeded their human rights as well, as they have been pepper sprayed to move faster, and when COVID-19 began to spread within an ICE prison in Virginia, it took almost a month to test the detainees for the virus. At this point, the vast majority had already contracted it, and began spreading it to those around them.

This impedes upon their human rights, because they have the right to be detained safely, without being forced to stay in a location where they are likely to become infected with a virus that could even take their life, or the lives of their loved ones, if spread. Some of the ICE guards have attempted to explain their actions by stating that they are not Nazis, but are just following orders.

They have been following orders to treat children worse than they treat prisoners, so it is clear that there is a clear sense of immoral and unjust actions taking place within ICE detention centers. This also shows how much they want to protect their image and authority, rather than addressing the neglect and violent attacks by officers. Therefore, there needs to be action taken to allow the other side of the story to be told as well, so that the biased false statements against them can be halted, and so that their human rights are no longer needlessly violated.

They have endured months of violations on their human rights now, and so complacency in this situation, means that we would be siding with the violators. As fellow humans in this time of chaos, there is a duty to help those whose human rights are being constantly violated. It is time for ICE to treat detainees as human beings, and for the voices of the immigrants to be heard.