Steps For Using Best Toilet Bowl Brushes At Home

For you to be in a stable, comfortable environment, at home, or in the workplace, the toilet is an essential need. It will make you feel relieved and be able to go through the day and work. However, modern toilet bowls also need much attention and care so they can give the best services without uncomfortable experiences. It means that you need to have toilet cleaners to ensure it is always clean. Disinfectants and bleaches should be applied together with the best toilet bowl brushes. They help make the toilet clean, hence why this article will explain how you need to use them at home.

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How To Use Best Toilet Bowl Brushes When Cleaning

First, no toilet cleaner is restricted when using brushes to clean toilet bowls. However, here we have several methods that can help you clean the toilet with brushes to have a clean environment. The steps are clearly explained below.

1. Pour some amount of toilet cleaner inside the toilet bowl

Ensure you purchase toilet cleaner, which will help clean the toilet thoroughly. You should inquire about the amount you need to pour inside the pan, and you can confirm by the measurements from the prescription of the cleaner. Give the process a maximum of five minutes so the filter can eliminate all available germs in your toilet bowl. The natural soap can also apply where you mix lemon juice, white vinegar, and baking soda, which are safe for use.

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2. Scrub The Bowl’s Inside Part

you should then begin brushing your toilet bowl using the toilet brush. Ensure you thoroughly clean it until you are satisfied and continue cleaning at the bowl’s verge, at the seat of your toilet, it’s the rim, until at the first toilet dent side. You need to pay much attention to scrubbing all areas that may seem dusty or dirty.

3. Flush Your Toilet

You can use then flush your bowl to remove the polluted water inside it. Here, your brush should be rotted in the water, which will clean it in the continuation of bowl cleaning. Ensure it is well cleaned and, if not, flush your bowl once again.

4. Unclog Your Toilet

Here you should always remember plunger since it is very efficient. You can unclog your toilet slowly using your plunger and make sure that everywhere around is well cleaned as well. The process requires rubbing the brush using a nylon bag and tie it using a tightened rubber band on top. Then insert the brush inside the body as you apply some pressure rhythmically as the way a plunger could have been used. When the brush remains weak for breaking clog, then go for other alternatives of unclogging a toilet. Some other methods include adding a soap dish inside the bowl so it can loosen your clog. If none of them works, including a plunger, you are free to use the experts themselves, or even toilet auger can do better.

5. Maintain The Toilet’s Cleanness By Scrubbing

Ensure that you use toilet brushes for scrubbing the toilet every week, also if it’s only once. The weekly cleaning will always ensure that the bathroom is highly maintained and clean. Whenever it becomes dirty, then you can do a thorough cleaning. I’m using your brush, and there won’t be any harm.

6. Keep Your Toilet Clean

Every week make sure you try and scrub the toilet entirely every week. When that is highly maintained, the bathroom won’t have hard cleaning the bowls with the toilet brush. No one would want to stay with a dirty bathroom just because they can clean it. Hygiene should be the top priority when it comes to taking care of the toilet bowls.

7. Remember Safety Tips

Using toilet brush won’t be every day for longer since they need some replacements when they are more apart. The brushes too get tired but always try your best and keep safe the brushes. Always clean them after use and only do the required job specified to them. At most, replace twice a year, and that will help you save for such costs.


Always make sure you make the brush very tidy before you clean the toilet. When you go through the above methods of cleaning the best toilet bowl brushes and follow as expected, you will have the cleanest toilets, and your brushes will also last longer hence saving on costs.