US Market Study on Flexible OLED Display Top Impacting Factors To Growth Of The Industry By 2017 – 2026

OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diode is one of the most advanced technologies that permits the display to be bent, rolled, and folded. An OLED display attains this sort of flexibility by including a flexible substrate below the organic one. OLED displays are preferred over their LCD counterparts as they have lower energy consumption as they operate without a backlight. The demand for flexible displays arises largely from the consumer electronics industry as flexible displays can be used to great effect in smartphones, televisions, wearables, and tablets. Transparency Market Research estimates that the global flexible OLED market should witness an exponential CAGR of 35% from 2017 to 2026.

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AMOLED Segment Surges Ahead of PMOLED in Flexible OLED Display Market

The AMOLED segment dominates the flexible OLED display market and is expected to gain substantial share over the course of the forecast period. The AMOLED segment is poised to be worth slightly under US$ 3 billion by the end of 2026, making it an opportunity too large to ignore in the flexible OLED display market. The maximum share is contributed by the APEJ region and this is unlikely to change anytime soon. The PMOLED segment is considerably smaller in comparison. Nonetheless, it is unwise to ignore this segment entirely in favor of the AMOLED segment as PMOLED has a double-digit revenue share in the flexible OLED display market.

flexible oled display market
Curved Displays More Popular than Foldable Displays in Flexible OLED Display Market

The curved display segment holds the lion’s share of the flexible OLED display market by flexibility type but is poised to lose massive share over the period of the study. However, curved displays are predicted to retain their leadership position in the flexible OLED display market. The curved display segment is projected to have a value of more than US$ 180 million in 2017 alone with APEJ comprising the bulk of the market. However, a larger CAGR is projected in the Japan curved display market and companies would do well to take this into account while devising their regional strategies.

Huge Demand in Lighting and Smartphone Segment for Flexible OLED Displays

In terms of application, the lighting and the smartphone segment have a similar revenue share in the flexible OLED display market with the former inching slightly ahead. The lighting segment could create an absolute dollar opportunity of approx. US$ 237 million from the year 2017 to 2026. Along with lighting, companies are recommended to target the smartphone segment with all guns blazing. The proliferation of smartphones as a result of plunging prices is fuelling adoption, particularly in the highly populous APEJ region. OLED displays are preferred over LCD as they offer an extremely high contrast ratio, sharper and clear images, and are more power-efficient in the long run. The APEJ smartphone segment of the flexible OLED display market is larger than that of North America and Europe combined.

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Niche Potential in Television and Monitor Segment of Flexible OLED Display Market

The television and monitor segment have a marginal revenue share in the flexible OLED display market with the television segment assessed to grow faster. OLED displays are very expensive to mass-produce on a large scale and the television segment of the flexible OLED display market is on track to have a value of roughly half a billion dollars only by the end of 2026.

Flexible OLED Display Market to Gain Immensely from Electronic Industry

OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diode is perhaps the most trend setting innovations that allows the display to be twisted, rolled, and collapsed. An OLED display accomplishes such adaptability by including a flexible substrate beneath the natural one. OLED displays are liked over their LCD partners as they have lower energy utilization as they work without a backdrop illumination. The interest for flexible displays emerges generally from the shopper gadgets industry as flexible displays can be utilized to incredible impact in TVs, cell phones, laptops, tablets, and wearable.

OLED display is unquestionably further developed innovation contrasted with LCD which is its partners. The OLED display which permits the display to be moved, collapsed, and twisted, draws in the purchaser for its display quality and new looks. OLED display is a lot of renown among technically knowledgeable individuals. The ascent in cell phones, TVs, tablets, and wearable gadgets will emphatically affect the OLED display market, as a large portion of these gadgets have begun utilizing OLED display to pull in the possible purchasers.

The rising interest for the bended display which is just conceivable by OLED displays has ended up being ongoing top choices among the new age which is giving a lift in the development of the worldwide market. Ascend in extra cash is relied upon to function as auxiliary factor in the ascent of the development of the market. Clients with higher earnings are getting TVs with a higher goal is expanding. It has been seen that there has been a huge ascent in the development of the 4K TVs sets in nations like Brazil, India, and China. Move from customary watching experience to a high level mechanical display is filling the worldwide OELD displays market. Another factor which is advancing the development of the market is the increment in size of the Television size across the world. Anyway certain components, for example, section level hindrance for an association went with unpredictable and costly expense of creation is required to hinder the market development.


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