Updated And Upgraded: Zynn Is Back On The Apple App Store And Google Play Store

Social interaction, community integration, and social entertainment all continue to be primarily digitally based in the ongoing midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. As social distancing measures continue to affect daily life for countless individuals, they seek the enjoyment, self-expression, camaraderie, and sense of community championed by social media apps. A new and exciting short-video sharing platform, Zynn has skyrocketed as a fan favorite amongst millions of newly forged devotees.

Zynn was originally launched in the U.S. only a few months ago, and immediately began to draw the attention of social media users looking to expand their horizons, captivate audiences, and view more diverse content. Swiftly, it became the go-to short-video app for how-to videos, trick shots, tutorials, and viral challenges. It also became the go-to place for users to share meaningful moments, cultural traditions, niche hobbies, and authentic representations of their lives.

Unlike other short-video apps that feature repetitive content from a handful of Influencers, Zynn quickly became recognized as an “equal opportunity app”. The app provided creators with the opportunity to be seen by countless viewers, regardless of follower count. Promoting inclusivity and equality, Zynn swiftly rose the ranks on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Reaching the coveted top spot on both charts swiftly after release, Zynn’s inaugural success spoke to the app’s bespoke qualities and focus on the user experience.

Version Info

Zynn was temporarily removed from both app stores for some routine bug fixing, implementation of exciting new features, tightening of regulations for uploading copyrighted material, and a few interface updates. After speedy developer tweaking, the updated and upgraded versions of Zynn were released on both app stores for user download. Added to the Google Play Store on July 7th, version of Zynn quickly returned to its status as a top performing app. With a continued 4.3 star rating, and an excess of 500,000 downloads, the app picked up steam once again following the release of the update. On the Apple App Store, Zynn released version 1.0.3 a few days after the Google Play Store addition. With a strong follower base already established, the new version of Zynn on the Apple App Store will undoubtedly continue to spearhead success.

Interface And Back-End Updates

In the updated and upgraded Zynn app, users will find various implemented changes. Developers have upgraded the interface to successfully support high resolution videos. As users create visually stunning videos, this upgrade to aesthetic capabilities allows for the videos to be presented in the highest caliber resolution. For users, this upgrade will undoubtedly result in a heightened visual experience, and inspire creators to take advantage of this unwavering commitment to awe-inspiring aesthetic greatness. Zynn also maintains a minimalistic and sleek interface, free of clutter and distraction. This crisp interface allows video content to be the main point of focus. Since inception, Zynn’s mission was to ensure that user created content would be showcased in the most beautiful, enhanced, and effective way possible. The continued adherence to a minimalistic interface is the manifestation of this goal.

Original Soundtracks Update

Enhancing videos within Zynn’s creative hub has always been fun, easy, and effective. The newly updated and upgraded versions of the app contain a new capability for audio editing. Zynn provides a vast library of audio tracks for creators to add to their videos. This function is perfect for users wishing to add audio clips, sound effects, and other popular auditory accessories to their videos. Now, Zynn also allows users to create and upload their own audio tracks to videos. With the ability to upload original songs, sounds, and audio, this function allows users to take personalization one step further.

User created audio can be saved on the app for future use, giving creators the safety of storing audio files for future use. Inherently social in nature, Zynn also allows users to share these creator-generated audio files, further propelling the community spirit through sharing of talent. This feature gives creators the freedom to express themselves through sound, and marries visual and auditory expression to create a wholesome product. In line with Zynn’s commitment to authenticity, and the app’s quest for each user to be seen and heard, the addition of the original soundtrack feature is exciting for all users.

Magic Effects Update

Prior to the implementation of magic effects, Zynn’s creative hub already contained various customization and personalization tools. Extensive video editing tools allowed even the most novice users to create Hollywood-worthy snippets. Text effects and stickers allowed users to add silly and entertaining elements to their videos via a vast library of pre-made options. Now, Zynn has kicked the entertainment and self-expression ante up a notch with the advent of magic effects. With the tap of a finger, users can now become cute animals, pop stars, or other characters. The magic effects update adds another element of fun to the app, giving creators even more freedom to express themselves.

Diversity Of Content Is Here To Stay

Differentiating Zynn from other short-video platforms, the app’s bespoke video suggestion algorithm is the backbone of Zynn’s commitment to diversity. The algorithm aggregates videos in an equal manner, suggesting a broad range of videos to users based on interest, previously watched videos, and potential enjoyment. The algorithm does not weigh video recommendation based on traditional factors, like Influencer status, profile characteristics, or follower count. This innovative feature allows for creators to feel confident that their videos will be seen by countless interested viewers, regardless of the number of “likes” the creator has collected. For viewers, this provides a broad range of recommendations, ensuring that content never feels stale.

Zynn’s commitment to diverse content renders the app progressive, in tune with the desires of users, and focused on harnessing a positive user experience within an interactive community. Loyal users are recognizing the difference that this mission statement makes on their overall enjoyment of Zynn, and are continuing to flock to the app for entertainment, expression, education, and fun. Newly updated and upgraded, Zynn is continuing to cement its place as an innovative and leading short-video sharing platform.