Understanding weapons to avoid in the call of duty warzone match

When it comes to weapon selection in the Call of Duty Warzone, you have to be careful about selecting to ensure that you get on to the game. Since it was released, the CoD Warzone has witnessed so many changes, including various cod hacks.

There are several sandboxes for weapons changes, and there are new areas that introduced the 5th season that has made the Verdansk be a diferent place that previously it was. Even with ten weapons, it might be hard to cut it. With the way the Warzone sandbox is varied, there was a need for some changes to be effected.

The following are some of the Warzone weapons that you will need to avoid.


If there were any sniper rifles on the list for being the worst, Dragunov is the one. It is a gun that doesn’t excel in anything to make it to be kept as a weapon for Warzone. A fast fire sniper sound of a rifle is incredible when you glance at it at first until you experience the strong kick with each shot as a player.

When players are lining up each of their shots, it allows the enemy enough time to reposition or counter attack. If it were possible for players to use any other sniper rifle, then a well placed headshot will be able to bring down a target instead of damaging them. In the Warzone, the Dragunov tends to be one of the worst sniper rifles.


Despite the EBR-14 being buffed by Infinity Ward during the 4th season, the weapon is still low, falling behind snipers and some assault rifles. Its range limit was then removed making it to be able to down an opponent with just few shots. On paper, it sounds great, but it tends to have the same issues as the Dragunov, where players would be better off being able to line off a shot instead of at least three. The SKS tends to be a better option in most instances.

FR 5.56

In Warzone, burst weapons have had it tough to remain relevant due to their mixture of lacking damage and recoil. The Infinity World was able to give an F 5.56 range of infinite in season 5 effectively but it has done little to rectify this particular weapon’s weakness.

Its main issue is with the FR 5.56 recoil.  It can bring down enemies from a very long range in just a few bursts, which tends to mean too little when the player ends up missing two bullets out of three with their trigger pull.

At medium or close range, it does not fare well either. Most of the time, it tends to be outgunned by the submarine guns that are full auto and assault rifles. It is a weapon that desperately requires a damage buff for it to be relevant in the Warzone’s sandbox.

You have to avoid these weapons the much  possible and, instead, embrace the CoD hacksto help you in having a great gaming experience.