Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Own PC In 2024

why you should build a gaming pc

This article is directed towards those people considering buying or building their very first computers so we’re gonna talk about the five top reasons why you should build your own PC.

Presently very much aware that a significant number of you are experts and you build your own one of a kind PCs perhaps handfuls even hundreds in case you’re an IT professional. Be that as it may, today in this article I am conversing to the first-timer or at the very least somebody who hasn’t done this in a very long time and everything out today is completely new to them so if you’re a veteran reading this, do me a favor. put your favorite 5 top reasons why someone should build their own computer and put it in the comment section below. The more information the better, let’s go check out the top 5 reasons why you should build your own PC.

First Reason: It’s Easy

The principal reason I’m going to put it out there is that I believe it’s really clear that building a PC is easier than it’s ever been. We’re not arguing in the days when you had comm ports, game ports, printer ports, serial buses, and all sorts of complicated things that had to be configured to even work properly. Those days are long gone, the popularity of computers as much as a lot of articles want to make it sound like computers are dead is completely false, and today 2024, we are at the most noteworthy fame PCs have ever been in and that is a direct result of the expanding number of streamers and the amount of gaming that’s out there. Consoles are extremely well known however PC gaming is more mainstream than it’s ever been.

Second Reason: It’s Cheaper

Now reason number two is that it’s cheaper to build than it’s ever been. I know a lot of you just got triggered like “what do you mean cheaper to build? we’ve got $1,200 blah blah” but that’s the case if you’re shopping at the top tier. You’re getting much more price to performance benefit down in the sixty series cards or even the 50 series cards. That we’ve ever had in the past even in the last five years. We’ve seen a huge exponential uptick of performance. Also, the CPU competition taking place between Intel and AMD has made that even more competitive to where AMD has brought massive core counts to an incredible performance to perform or to budget ratio than even was in the past. In addition, retailers are giving you now the fastest and cheapest computers that you can possibly build now. We all know that cheap is obviously in the eye of the beholder and it’s going to be subjective but the bottom line is performance $2 ratios across the board are better than they’ve ever been now.

Third Reason: You’re In Control

The third reason out there is that you have full control over the computer components in your system. The way that you can control your own parts implies you can spare somewhat here and spend somewhat more there. When you build from an SI or a PC, basically a company that takes and buys the parts ships off the system as a whole. The system is ready to run but you have to use whatever parts are available or offered. The advantage of having all the control over the parts that go into your system makes it clearly an extremely glaring advantage to doing it without anyone’s help.

Fourth Reason: Gain Experience

Now reason number four is one that I don’t figure everybody will concur with and that is for the learning experience. If you’ve never done this there’s nothing better than learning something new. The fact that learning new things whether it be through DIY, self-learning, or letting individuals teach you, the experience you’ll pick up from this will just make you more confident in taking more tasks and challenges in the future. Building a PC has a lot of fun, it’s one of those things where you’re gonna start looking for reasons to build a new computer. Furthermore, you’re going to begin telling every one of your companions on the off chance that they need you to manufacture their PC and show them how to appropriately pick computer components, which turns out to be more enjoyable to construct the PC than to really game on it.

Fifth Reason: Electronic Arts & Accomplishments

The reason number five comes to us straight from Electronic Arts themselves, a feeling of pride, and achievement. Indeed, I’m referring to all the difficult work that you’re going to place in building your system paying off and a glorious PC that you can sit there and look at the result you have gotten. Just like what we discuss in the previous reason which is the learning experience. There are so many advantages when you build your own PC, it means you can also fix one of the problems since you are the one who builds it and you are in control. Unlike when buying an SI system computer and you didn’t build it or work on it yourself, if something turns out badly it implies you going to get the telephone and sitting on technical support and looking out for hold and possibly sending the entire framework back to the SI to get something simple fixed, simply because you didn’t have the knowledge to do it without anyone’s help.

Those are the top 5 reasons why you should build your own PC. Whether you are a beginner or an IT professional, this article will help you and give you a very clear idea about why you need to continue what you are doing.