TOP 5 Campsites Within Short Driving Distance From Orlando

Millions of travelers come to Orlando year by year. Of course, most of them focus on the picturesque Orlando suburbs. Forget about such traditional Orlando attractions as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. This area has many more great spots for nature lovers and sports addicted people. Of course, a camping trip needs more preparation and proper transport to hire. 

The first task is to find a good camping spot, where you will feel comfortable having a rest with your family. Also, it is needed to contact to an 8 seater van hire in Orlando to take a big and comfortable car. It is important to be well-equipped for a journey. Before you go, make sure everyone is placed on their proposed seats and has enough space for a comfortable trip and their luggage.

How to find a good campsite

What is the perfect campsite for your family? It depends on what kind of holiday you need. There are many great family campsites around Orlando and you can easily get them by car. The main thing you should check is maximum comfort, convenience, and fun. So, find the list of different cams available in Orlando and check for places that are:

  • Flat and green, short walking distance from firewood and water
  • Off-trail, so that other backpackers will never disturb you
  • Neither at the bottom nor on the top of a hill or canyon, where the air is mostly cold and wet
  • Far from animal trails if you don’t want to have an unwanted midnight visitor
  • Far from dangerous zones and places that don’t belong to a campsite territory

Popular camping spots within a driving distance from Orlando

Of course, all these camping spots are popular tourist places. Nevertheless, it is impossible to make a crowd on such a big territory. Just hire a car and go to meet the biggest family adventure.

  1. Visit Frederick Park

Drive your hired car to the very south of the state straight to Turkey Lake. You’ll see a big lovely park behind it. One section of this park is occupied by a small car camp. You’ll love this place, surrounded by old oaks and fresh air. It’s rather hot here in summer but the trees will give you enough shade and freshness. 

This nature spot is perfect camping for golf lovers. How about learning to play golf? Also, you can try hard at hiking or cycling around the lake and forest. Frederick Park is always full of joggers, bikers, campers on their RVs. There is always a small farm zoo nearby and a playground for kids.

  1. Visit Moss Park

To get to this campsite, you should hire a big car or a campervan to live there. The camp occupies 1 500 acres of territory around Mary Jane Lake. The camping territory consists of individual camp spots, fire rings, and even picnic tables. There is also a section where you can find a toilet and washing sinks that everyone may use. Around the lake, you can fish, boat, practice watersports, and enjoy nature to the full.

  1. Visit Twelve Oaks Park

Many tourists want to find a happy medium between taking a rest in nature and comfortable living. Trailer parks Twelve Oaks is the best variant for your family. Drive your car in Sanford, to the north of Orlando. The camping spots are situated in a big old park, occupying its front territory. You will live in comfort and will have much to explore.

  1. Visit Disney’s Wilderness Park

This bright tourist spot is especially recommended for family travelers with kids. This is a camping park with all the features of a magic Disney World. What to do here except for camping? You can take some rest in nature, ride a horse, and even learn to shoot bows. Besides, the park offers so many interesting activities, including walking trails, music shows, and cycling practice. You will be surprised by a huge waterslide and a special playground for dogs. You can hardly find a better place for your big family than Disney’s Resort. Hire a car in the airport on arrival and never miss this place.

  1. Visit Campsite at Breeze Lake 

If you want to find the best place for camping, go in the direction of the nearest lake. This campsite lies on Fairview Lake, where you are offered to do many interesting things such as boating, swimming, hiking, fishing. There is a well-cared beach at the lake, where people spend time with their kids, play volleyball, softball, football. What is more, the park is located just about two miles away from Orlando.

Planning a family vacation, you may hire a car and visit the Orlando suburbs. This is a great opportunity to take some rest in the sun and fresh air. Spending time in nature means more than just walking in nature. You can try water skies, swim in the lake, relax at the beach, and play different outdoor sports. Orlando camping parks offer both natural and made-by-man attractions. The brightest examples of these campsites are described above!