Top 5 Authentic Bitcoin News Websites to Stay Updated in

 2020Bitcoin is one of the most famous and oldest digital currencies of all. It was brought to the world by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2003. On top of it, it is independent from any Government interruptions so that necessary jobs can be done under the table. To this day, the modern world has reached its peak where paper currency is not our only option. No worries! Cryptocurrency has got your back. To keep up with the ever-growing terrain of digital marketing, you need to stay updated every few hours. As we know, time is money; So, to save you from wasting time and the pathetic task of roaming cluelessly on the internet, we have listed 5 highly rated and authentic Bitcoin news sites for you. So, let’s get started-

Bitcoin: Pioneer

It is controlled by Saint Bitts LLC which is the biggest site for Bitcoin trade only. It has over one million followers over Twitter. It has tabs for the beginners as well as pioneers of casino games. It uses graphs and interesting headings in the article to show the overall situations in the digital market. Due to their engaging content, they were ranked best crypto news website by They publish news that holds the situation of the industry, politics, economy, handy tips, useful opinion, and unbiased reviews.

Coindesk: Professional & Informative

This site is widely used and highly rated throughout the world for its Coindesk Bitcoin Price Index that is well-accepted by The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, etc. Surprisingly, it was only founded in 2013. It’s often called ‘The New York Times’ of the crypto world. Its homepage is full of necessary articles and tabs for both newbies and pros. It has multiple language access such as Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc. to reach maximum customers. Their news, participation, and necessary key points are decorated through graphs and can be followed at a glance.  

Cointelegraph: Eye-catching Formats

It is one of the reliable and aesthetically pleasing sites in the crypto and Blockchain world. It’s famous for its cartoonish formats in case of using the image and covers a wide area of news on blockchain technology, crypto assets, and emerging fintech trends. In this decentralized world, their blogs educate their readers and raise awareness on the merits and issues of digital currency. They organize a yearly seminar called ‘The Blockshow’ to enlighten the current necessary news. It’s also highly rated on social media such as Twitter and Facebook and has more than 5 languages access for the customers around the Globe. 

Twitter: News from Every Crypto Website

Undoubtedly, Twitter is the storehouse of all knowledge regarding Bitcoins. It holds all the other both leading and aspiring websites publishing and offering advertisements for the customers. This popular social site can also be used as an excellent source of learning Bitcoin information.  This service can help users to post their advertisements in 140 words. It makes the post visible using hashtags. For example, #Bitcoins, #Cryptocurrency, #BTC. So, while people will search for the words with the hashtag, they will easily find their cherished information. We can even see the popularity of the famous Bitcoin websites by their numbers of followers. For example, Bitcoin has 1 million, Coindesk has 843.4k followers and Cointelegraph has more than 508k followers.

Bitcoin Chaser: Features New Websites

It works to feature a new website and promotes online casino games with several payment methods, reliable clients, and a customer-friendly support system. It offers over 2000 online casino games. They have blogs indicating different articles on how to earn Bitcoins and the strategies. They also organize new and exciting seminars from New York to Bali, London to Cape Town. So basically, it features many websites, events, conferences to influence people into the main game.

There are many other websites you can visit to stay updated on the Bitcoin earning process such as Berminal, CCN, CoinMarketcal, Coinspeaker, Todayonchain, Bitcoin Geek, Bitcoin Magazine, etc. these sites aren’t popular like the above but aspiring beginners to get into the jobs.


So, to make money and place a position in Bitcoin/ cryptocurrency industry, staying updated with verified and unbiased news and information is important. One news regarding Bitcoin mining or Bitcoin Halving can change the investment and policy of the users and customers. In this current situation of the Pandemic, authentic Bitcoin news is very essential because the outer world may standstill but the digital world has to go on full swing. But before investing in the crypto world, it is essential to learn the risks that may come in the future. As the world goes ahead, it’s paving its new ways of innovations through the evaluation of digital marketing. And to become well aware of it, the websites mentioned above can be really helpful.