Video Editing Apps Review

Do you like editing videos? Or looking for a medium where you can make videos? We will review the top 10 video editing apps for Android in the world so that you can easily create or edit videos.
These apps work with the free version for all PC, Android users. So let’s take a look at which 10 best apps are on our list.

Where and how to get these apps?

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Top 10 best video editor apps for 2020:


Price: Free
Download: 10 M+
Review: 397 K+
A lot of times, you can’t download videos on Facebook Instagram. But you can download videos through this app and do editing in this app. If you are a professional videographer, this app will be beneficial for you.
However, the quality of the downloaded video is not so good.
Size: 35 MB
Rating: 4.0

Adobe Premiere Clip Pro

Price: Free
Download: 100 K+
Review: 7.3 K+
Free app without ads helps you create videos very fast. You can send videos to Adobe Premiere Pro CC for sharing. You can give an automatic background here. You can easily create any music or video dynamically. You can edit many videos in one frame at a time.
However, you cannot edit any kind of downloaded video in the right way.
Size: 5.2 MB
Rating: 3.1

Video show

Price: Free
Download: 100 M+
Review: 5 M+
About 50 different themes make videos, vlogs, and slides even better. You can add background videos, music, dark backgrounds here. This is really a very popular and very unique thing for this app. You can convert video songs to audio.
The problem is here, downloaded videos will not be supported. But the solution is coming soon.
Size: 20 MB
Rating: 4.6


Price: Free
Download: 50 M+
Review: 1 M+
Here you will find the highest resolution video. These 4K resolution videos help create slow-motion videos. If you want to create slow mode FX, then this power director is best for you. You can edit many videos in one frame at a time. Again select the chroma key for transfer to video and layer effects.
Here’s how to put one together for use with Green Screen videos. But sadly, no one will be able to run this first re-app version below Android 4.3.
Size: 41 MB
Rating: 4.5

Kine Master

Price: Free
Download: 100 M+
Review: 2 M+
You can edit videos, images, text, effects, overlays, stickers, and handwriting. As you select, you’ll be able to see how your video will play. This will bring perfection to your video. You can fix every moment clip.
However, the themes are not so good. You can make these medium quality themes look beautiful with your skill.
Size: 83 MB
Rating: 4.4


Price: Free
Download: 100 M+
Review: 1 M+
You can save videos comfortably at 60 fps. You can easily edit videos of 1080P or 720P. Moreover, you can easily create new videos by downloading and saving videos on social media.
Video quality is so cool. You have to choose it for its video quality. With so many features of the theme, it makes you. You can edit many videos in one frame at a time.
But its sound quality is not so good.
Size: 95 MB
Rating: 4.7


Price: Free
Download: 100 M+
Review: 11 M+
Vivavideo app is made up of many beautiful features. You can efficiently operate cutting and pasting videos, trimming, merging clips, etc. functions.
This app, which was the first to discover slow motion in the Android version, is now very advanced. More themed than ever. This app, the best in college video making, is bringing more great updates.
However, its video quality is questionable.
Size: 53 MB
Rating: 4.5


Price: Free
Download: 10 M+
Review: 780 K+
More than 100 advanced video effects will beat the real picture. You can edit many videos in one frame at a time. You can post your videos directly through social media. You can make short videos for fun. This free app is great for your video perfection.
Size: 890 MB
Rating: 4.3


Price: Free
Download: 50 M+
Review: 1 M+
Everything you need in your video will be edited in the auto system. This app will automatically fix the brightness of the video and the effect. This app is essential for making documentary videos.
But its video and sound quality are not so good.
Size: 70 MB
Rating: 3.8


Price: Free
Download: 5 M+
Review: 172 K+
This app is 100% free and makes 16:9 videos. Here you can also edit music. You can add many animations in slow motion and use them in the background. It can be called the host of stickers, filters, and even all effects.
You can read the problem in video editing. For example, working slowly, the animation is not being added well, the effect you are giving is not adding to the quality impact.
Size: 51 MB
Rating: 4.4

Final Words:

Have you found the app you need? Did you find this Top 10 video editing apps review for 2020 | Price, Feature & Everything useful? Let us know your valuable comments. If you have benefited, please share this web site with your friends.


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