TMR Updates Medical Grade Paper Market Forecast and Analysis as Corona Virus Outbreak Disturbs Investment Plans

Medical Grade Paper Market: Overview

Medical grade paper meets the rigorous properties of packaging of instruments, accessories, and devices. Particularly, manufacturers in medical grade paper market typically utilize high-purity cellulose fibers in order to make these unaffected by sterilization methods and agents, such as from steam, ethylene oxide, formaldehyde, and irradiation. Thus, a key characteristic of products in the medical grade paper is protection against sterilization agent penetration. They also resist penetration of microorganisms and environmental dust. They are also manufactured using rigorous methods so as to keep them chemical free. Moreover, they allow safe storage properties.

Key materials types are sack and kraft paper. The drive for medical grade paper market is underpinned by the need for high safety and barrier standards in the medical and healthcare industries.

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The study offers an assessment of various key growth dynamics, provides insights into high-value grab opportunities in various applications, and imminent investment pockets in the developing and developed world.

Medical Grade Paper Market: Competitive Analysis and Key Developments

The report on the medical grade paper market provides a scrutiny of factors and trends shaping the competitive scenario. The study also takes a closer look at new investment and funding made by established players.

Manufacturers in the medical grade paper market are leaning on packaging medical products with paper materials that have remarkable dry and wet tensile, and tear strengths. They are keen on developing products that are compatible with wide range of sterilization methods, and dry and wet handling methods. Top players gain competitive edge by offering paper of international quality standards by improving the various characteristics the paper exhibits.

Some of the well-entrenched players in the medical grade paper market are Kraft Paper Industries Ltd., PMS International Paper Suzhou Packaging Co., Amcor Limited, Bomarko Inc., and BillerudKorsnas Sweden AB.

Medical Grade Paper Market: Key Trends

The medical grade paper market is driven by the demand for safe and functional packaging materials for a spectrum of medical products in the healthcare industry world over. The industry has been increasingly adopting medical-grade paper that have high porosity, peel-ability, seal-ability against heat treatment, and resistance to organisms.

Rising use of biodegradable medical grade paper has spurred new product developments, expanding the opportunities for manufacturers and vendors. A wide range of flexible and rigid materials have shown promise in being used as medical grade paper. Key products that use medical grade paper are catheters, infusers, needles, gauge, bandages, and gloves. Advances in materials sciences have enabled product pioneers in coming out products with splendid air permeability, environmental friendliness, and non-toxicity. The focus on storage of sterilized devices is a key trend boosting the medical grade paper market. Clinicians assert that a high-performing medical grade paper is helpful in better storage of the devices.

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Medical Grade Paper Market: Regional Assessment

On the regional front, the medical grade paper market is seeing substantial revenues in North America and Europe. Intensive technological; advances have been made in European economies on the sourcing of paper for medical grade paper market. Some of the key regulations are EN 868-3 and EN 868-6 standards.

Developing economies of Asia have shown considerable revenue potential on the back of implementation of regulations regarding the reliability and safety of medical devices. Rising application of medical devices in hospital settings in the emerging economies has cemented the revenue potential. North America on the other hand has been a substantial revenue share contributor in the global medical grade paper market. Developed economies such as the U.S. have seen adoption of cutting-edge techniques in making medical grade paper.

This study by TMR is all-encompassing framework of the dynamics of the market. It mainly comprises critical assessment of consumers’ or customers’ journeys, current and emerging avenues, and strategic framework to enable CXOs take effective decisions.

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