Tissue Paper Market Study, Detailed Analysis And Forecast To 2027

Tissue paper refers to a light crepe paper or lightweight paper. Tissue papers can be produced from both recycled and virgin paper pulp. The main characteristics of tissue paper comprise comfort, appearance, stretch, brightness, thickness, basis weight, absorbency, and strength. Such utilities are projected to amplify growth of the global tissue paper market in the years to come.

There are many products made from tissue paper such as toilet paper. It plays a very important role in the life of people these days. Toilet paper add to

  • convenience
  • comfort
  • improved hygiene

Products made from tissue paper are engineered to offer excellent absorbency, softness, ultra-light weight, and strength.

Growth of the Hotel Industry to Spell Growth of the Market

The growth of the global tissue paper market is estimated to be influenced by the expansion of the tourism and hospitality industries. With the rise in the number of individuals travelling across the world, the tourism industry is likely to witness considerable growth in the years to come. This, in turn, is estimated to drive the business of hotel industry. With the growth off the hotel industry, the demand for tissue paper is predicted to rise. This factor is likely to propel growth of the global tissue paper market in the years to come.

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The demand within the global tissue paper market is growing on account of advancements in the domain of residential utilities. Use of tissue paper in households and restaurants has increased by a dramatic chase in recent times. The presence of a seamless sector that focuses on manufacturing household utilities has generated humongous demand within the global tissue paper market. In recent times, tissue papers have become an important commodity that is used for cleaning, wiping, and cooking applications. Furthermore, use of tissue papers to substitute wiping and cleaning cloth has also given a thrust to market growth. The revenue index of the global tissue paper market is expected to improve in the years to follow.

  • The medical and healthcare industries recommend the use of tissue papers instead of cloth wipes. Tissue papers can be easily disposed, and are more hygienic as against cloth towels. In recent times, the use of tissue papers in infants has increased by a noticeable margin. In addition to this, these tissues papers are also used to disinfect surfaces made of wood, glass, and metal. Soaking tissue papers in disinfecting liquids helps in easily cleaning surfaces in houses and other areas. In addition to this, wet tissue papers can be used to clean the face and hands. Wet tissues are in great demand, and have become a part of the cosmetics industry.
  • The outbreak of Covid-19 led to a surge in demand for tissue papers. The use of these papers to disinfect and clean home surfaces is the basis for this increased demand. Moreover, medical experts recommend the use of tissue papers instead of cloth towels. The latter are more prone to spreading infections due to repeated use. Disposable paper towels are also extensively used by men and women. Easy-to-carry tissue paper boxes have become an important part of the market.

Value-added Benefits Drive Market Growth for Tissue Paper Products

Value-added benefits are a staple in the tissue paper landscape that help drive market value growth. Manufacturers introduce a range of value-added benefits such as ingredients in products, pursuing innovations and improved functionality in tissue-based products. Additional ingredients in products such as toilet paper and facial tissues include fragrances, disinfectants, as well as essential oils, so as to provide gentleness on the skin.

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Stakeholders are driving demand for tissue paper-based products by providing lucrative product offerings such as limited edition toilet paper ingrained with scents of rare blossoms. Since facial tissue is anticipated to account for ~24% of the market value share by the end of 2019, manufacturers are introducing innovative product lines such as facial tissues with almond oil, aloe vera extracts, and antibacterial ingredients to prevent the spread of bacteria.