In this era of technology, when every individual owns a laptop or tablet, the true essence of gaming has lost because nowadays, people only play to win. So the games are no more about entertainment, they have become more about winning and mostly a lot of gamers take it to extreme situations. 

However, we are writing to lighten your mood and reclaim the gaming experience that has been lost somewhere. But before that make sure you have the best modem and an uninterrupted interconnection. We gathered some findings that will help you in enhancing your game and let you enjoy it even if you don’t win. 


Play games on PC or PS4 


For the best gaming experience, use PS4 or Xbox as they are more budget-friendly as compared to gaming pc. However, you can find a lot of affordable gaming PCs in the market as well, but they won’t provide you with an extraordinary experience as PS4. If you are tired of all the games you have been playing on mobile, it is time to switch to the PS4 for an extraordinary experience. 

Buy the best microphones for ps4. 

Microphones and headphones can play a vital role in reclaiming your gaming experience. They let you speak out to buck yourself up and hear the audio as well. You can enjoy the game while commenting on it. Commentary will divert your attention from only winning the game to enjoying it. 

Open caption and subtitle feature

If you turn captions on, you will know all the details that you might otherwise lose track off due to loud noise. Subtitles will make your game more exciting and keep you occupied. You won’t get bored while playing. 

Keep track of time 

Playing video games does not mean you spend all your day and night stuck in the computer. Just keep track of time and take out some time in the day to play and relax. Avoid playing games all the time because they can become an addiction and adversely affect your social life. 

Play video games with a good posture

Wrong posture is a bad habit of almost every individual who plays video games. While playing video games, one tries to find a comfortable position, and in that process, we lose the good back posture. Hence, to avoid backache, it is better to play video games while maintaining the back posture or opting for a gaming chair. 



Video games are not as unhealthy for us as most of the people claim them to be. It is better to play video games sometimes, but one should not take them as seriously. Losing or winning is part of every game; the aim of playing should be; enjoyment, not winning. Only with this thinking, you will enjoy playing; otherwise, gaming will become more of a curse for you. Therefore, choose the best accessories and best consoles to reclaim your gaming experience.   



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