Tips to make the most of your Sam’s Club membership

If you have or plan to have a card from this price club, here you can identify all the places where you can use it.

With nearly 60 million members in the world, Sam’s Club is one of the largest chains of wholesale clubs and focuses on gaining consumer preference in technology, furniture, and entrepreneurs.

If you are Sam’s partner and already have a membership, you probably think you can only use it to buy in the store. However, here we will give you several tips to make the most of your Sam’s Club Membership in your purchases.

Choose the membership with the best benefits

There are four types of Sam’s Club memberships, among which are business and individual memberships that help you shop inside the store; But there are two options with which you will get greater benefits: Benefits plus memberships, which have extra competitive advantages.


Benefits Membership: Within the many advantages, as the name implies, this membership has additional discounts on travel and affiliated establishments, which include cinemas, gyms, travel, jewelry stores, beauty centers, restaurants, automotive centers, clothing stores, and footwear, catering services, hotels, amusement parks, bookstores, veterinarians and even schools. They have applicable discounts of up to 50%, depending on the affiliated business

Plus membership: in addition to having all the above-mentioned benefits, plus membership gives you a 2 percent refund on your annual purchases, has exclusive events and prices for plus members and gives you a complimentary membership at no additional cost.


Take a tour of the online store

Although the vast majority of products are in physical stores, some promotions are only on the Sam’s Club website and that you can take advantage of just having your membership and a credit card, as some promotions include up to 21 months without interest.

In some cases, there are bundles or packages with products that complement their use and that you can only get on the website, a good reason to take a look.


More refunds on your purchases

In addition to the reimbursement that some memberships offer, being a Sam’s Inbursa credit card customer you can have the following advantages:

  • Loyalty Program: returns 3% of each purchase you make at any Walmart Group store. If you buy on the Sam’s Club website you have a direct 3% savings.
  • When buying in a club: you pay the price as if it were cash, which is equivalent to saving 2.3% if you compare it with other credit cards.
  • Savings are cumulative: that is, you can get up to 5.3% savings on your purchases.

Now that you know how to make the most of Sam’s Club membership, what do you expect to get, renew or upgrade yours? For that, there are two options:

  1. Go to your favorite club and approach the membership counter.
  2. Visit the online store, in the Become a member tab.