In every season change and throughout the year, the most challenging task for the parents is to get proper fitting and comfortable pair of shoes for their child. If your baby has now been able to walk on their little feet, then you need to find out the suitable pair of shoes for their first steps. According to the research, your baby needs shoes when they start walking to protect their little feet from any sort of injury. Moreover most of the mothers buy shoes for their babies when they can’t even crawl to make their look complete and cute, but actually, this is the age where the babies’ feet are growing, and they need space and bare so this age is not to worry about their shoes.


There are specific tips which you should consider when buying babies shoes online or in stores for your baby’s first pair:

  1. Right size:
  • Right, and the correct size is significant as your baby cannot tell you that what is hurting or discomforting them. You must check the proper size and choose the best fit, so that little heels do not get damage.
  1. Comfortable:
  • To select and choose light weighed shoes for your baby as the hard pair can make their walking more difficult and hurt their tiny soles too.
  1. Flexible:
  • You must check the flexibility of the shoes before buying, check their flexibility by bending them and twisting them in all directions, by doing so you will be able to know that they are suitable for your little munchkin. It has been found that hard and rigid pair of shoes can cause scars and deformity of the foot, even in severe cases loss of immobility has also been reported due to the use of hard sole shoes for babies.
  1. Reasonable price:
  • Whenever buying baby’s shoes online or from stores, it is essential that you must check the price first with all other specifications. Too much expense shoes are not worth to buy as your child is growing every day, and no matter how expensive shoes you buy, they will become tight and out of fit after some time.
  1. Grip strength:
  • While considering soft and stuffy soles shoes for your darling, remember that if they do not have an excellent grip, they may slip and make your child fall. So it is essential that the sole of baby’s shoes must have suitable grip strength so that your baby may walk, run and play smoothly without the fear of falling.
  1. Take your baby for shopping:
  • Whenever you are going to buy a pair of shoes for your baby, always carry them to the market along with you. As when they are with you, it is much easier for you to buy proper size and fit from them. As every shoe fits differently, so taking your child along with you will decrease the chance of misfit.
  1. Take your baby for shopping when your baby is in a good mood:
  • Shopping for your baby darling is not as easy as it seems. Try to prepare your baby for shopping by giving a good nap and feeling. If your baby is in a bad mood, then they will not try any shoes and makes it painful for you to buy.
  1. Try to choose which have Velcro rather than shoelaces:
  • As the little feet are soft and sensitive, and they need too much care. Tight, hard and uncomfortable shoes may discomfort the baby’s feet. Boots with shoelace are not a good option for your baby. Try to choose those shoes which have Velcro which makes t easier for you and baby both. Velcro shoes can be quickly taken off and do not cause any struggle in taking off the shoes for mothers. But if your baby knows about Velcro, they will figure it out and create trouble for you as babies love to take off their shoes.
  1. Choose breathable shoes:
  • Your baby shoes sweat more than yours. You can’t imagine how those little feet smell after being stuck all day in shoes, so try to choose such materials shoes which are breathable and less restricting movement. Try to choose soft leather, canvas, and clothes. Synthetic materials should be avoided while selecting the baby’s shoes.
  1. Do not follow the trend:
  • Though new directions should be followed as they make you update with time to time. Boots clog high heels shoes they all look good, but they are not for your tiny baby feet. Avoid taking such fancy and trendy shoes as they may hurt your baby’s toe and heel. Many cases have been reported where heel shoes and pointed boots caused sprains and twists in little one’s heels and ankle.
  1. Buy from the reputed store:
  • There are many shoes selling brands in stores and online, but it does not mean that you should consider any store for your baby. It is essential that you must find a well known and reputed brand. Those brands which are famous for toddlers and babies’ footwear provide excellent quality and are famous just because of the essence of the quality they offer.
  1. Avoid decorative items:
  • From recent years shoes and sandals of children are brought and recall from the market because there is likely chance that your baby may get that decorative material detached and take in their mouth. These decorative items may have been proved to be hazardous for your little champs so avoid any shoes which have such things because no matter how strongly these things have adhered but the baby takes them off if they see anything unusual and exciting.

So these were some of the tips which will help parents to buy shoes for their babies, especially mothers. By considering all these tips will ensure the safety of baby’s feet