Things to Remember for your Workplace

Work Place

A good workplace is very important for how you can do your job. Draft, light, temperature and of course the place where you are working, all have an impact on how you feel. Maybe you come home with a headache or you often have problems with your back. Del Mar office space also provide some suitable workplaces. We have listed a number of things for you with which you can ensure a good workplace yourself.

  1. Watch the light

Light is very important for doing our job. We need enough light to get started properly. Both artificial and daylight. So ensure good lighting at your desk in the winter months, perhaps even with an extra desk lamp. It is also important that no bright light comes from behind your screen. If you look into the light, you squint your eyes often and that makes you tired more quickly. Light on your screen can also cause nuisance. Ideally, you are not sitting too close to a window and there is good sun protection.

  1. Provide a good temperature

The perfect temperature is slightly different for everyone. But in general it is between 19 and 21 degrees in Dutch offices. When it is too cold, your body needs too much energy to warm up and when it is too hot you become lethargic and tired much sooner. Both not ideal for updating.

  1. Don’t be in a draft

That air conditioning that blows in your neck or that window that is open and causes a draft. If you work on the draft, there is a chance of neck complaints. See if you can move your workplace yourself or if you can do something about the cause of the draft. Sometimes a quarter turn of a desk can be a solution or you can open the window when you are away from your workplace. You can also check Del Mar CA office space.

  1. Do something about dry air

If it is too dry in the office, you can suffer from burning eyes, headaches and irritated mucous membranes in the nose and throat. Especially people who wear contact lenses are more likely to suffer from dry eyes. A bowl of water on the heater works wonders when the air is too dry. The ideal humidity is between 40 and 60 percent. Plants also help to clean the air. With more extreme measurements it is good to have someone look at this professionally.

  1. Coordinate sound with each other

Where people work together, there is also collective sound. But sometimes something can also be experienced as disturbing. Colleagues on the phone or talking to each other loudly and for a long time, a printer standing next to you, beeps from a computer. These are all things that you can do something about in consultation with your employer. That printer may be in a different location, you can agree with colleagues that certain bubbles will take place elsewhere, etc. The use of sound-absorbing materials can also help, such as a carpet, curtains, wall panels or foam under desks.