There’s More Where That Came From: Austin Walker

There’s More Where That Came From: Austin Walker
There’s More Where That Came From: Austin Walker

We are all familiar with the expression, “There’s more where that came from.”

Sometimes in business, an entrepreneur or company has to try a few things a few different ways in order to find just the right combination of things to make something work, whether it’s a product or service. Developing the right process and approach toward reaching one’s market can take significant effort.

But when one finally does find a formula that works, it’s important to double down on that formula and stay with it to keep things growing.

Indeed, “there’s more where that came from” once you’ve found your formula.

Austin Walker exemplifies this concept perfectly, as the builder of an empire of over 150 Airbnb rentals across the world. Rising from adversity in circumstances that would make the average person give up on everything in life, Austin experimented, went through trial and error, and developed a formula for buying and renting properties that has created incredible transformation in his business and life.

“I just trusted my vision and knew that my formula could work if I just pushed through… I just needed a space that I could win in and I happened upon Airbnb.”

One of the key ingredients to Austin’s entrepreneurial success is consistency: a willingness and gritty determination to do the same thing day in and day out in order to maintain results. This takes patience, planning, and perseverance, three qualities very few have in abundance.

“I had a game to play everyday and I became addicted to it,” Austin explains.

When building something, whether it’s a business, goal, or anything else, sometimes it’s important to trust the formula you found and not stray too far away. Indeed, there’s more where that came from.

You can bet Austin Walker is working his formula.