AD4M Fitness is a unicorn success story.

Based in Casper, Wyoming and with a distribution center in San Jose, California, AD4M is one of the world’s fastest-growing gym equipment producers with projected revenues of $10 million this year… their first year in business.

And their equipment comes from a manufacturer that makes cars.

Partnering with an overseas car manufacturer to deliver an ingenious production process and distribution model, AD4M Fitness provides weightlifting equipment like barbells and dumbbells at discounted rates to gyms, who have been brutalized by the 2022 downturn. Gyms have been hit by massive membership cancellations while being negatively affected by equipment shortages while manufacturers shut down due to high overhead.

Founded by husband-and-wife combo Vincent and Monika, AD4M Fitness combines two industries (auto parts and gym equipment) into a single, clever model. Based on Monika’s manufacturing and distribution background, Vincent and Monika worked with a steel manufacturer who was originally focused on auto parts, and proposed a plan for the manufacturer to start building cast-iron Olympic-style weightlifting plates using the same raw materials and equipment they used for their car parts. This allowed them to create gym equipment like barbells, dumbbells, and more, at deeply discounted rates that built a skyrocketing demand.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, that demand has yielded more than $1 million per month in revenue. 

Here’s a description of AD4M’s dumbbell, their flagship product:

“The FlexBell Adjustable Dumbbells are a modern day work of art. They come in a few different sizes but we decided to carry only the heavy duty 65LBS version.

These are incredibly compact, sleek, and easily adjustable with the flick of your wrist. The 65LBS (130LBS total weight) dumbbell set sells anywhere from $599 to $2,000 plus shipping anywhere on the net but here at Ad4m Fitness we’re able to offer them at an unbeatable price with free shipping anywhere within the continental USA.” (Source:

Vincent explains, “My wife & I have been tackling all kinds of new challenges with manufacturing & importing equipment from overseas, and the logistical challenges of fulfilling 400-500 orders a day across the United States [are large]. Amazingly enough, [we’re doing this] all with five main products. If we can achieve this, the sky may be truly the limit… [We have a] new line of gym equipment, sponsoring power lifting & strong man events, and a line of athletic wear [in the works]. We aim to leverage our early success to invest in building value & public awareness into our brand. The long term goal would definitely be to establish US-based manufacturing and go public.”

The sky is just the beginning for this Wyoming juggernaut.