The Steps for Becoming a Firefighter in Australia

Firefighter in Australia

Firefighters are synonymous with public safety and wellbeing. No one can deny their role, especially in emergencies. Apart from saving lives, they also help prevent damage to the environment, building structures, and the personal property of people. Such is the importance of this profession that it is expected to grow 6 percent more by the end of this decade. It is a lot faster than many other occupations.

Undoubtedly, the profession of a firefighter is highly fulfilling. With a greater number of people willing to become a part of it, it becomes imperative to know about the process of fire recruitment in Australia in greater detail.

How to Become a Firefighter in Australia

The selection process consists of several rounds that include:

1. Submission of required documents for the application.

2. A preliminary interview.

3. A series of tests that include:

    • Written tests
    • Aptitude tests
    • Psychological tests
    • Character analysis
    • Criminal history checks
    • Medical checks
    • Reasoning ability tests
    • Literacy and numeracy exams
    • Mechanical ability tests
    • Interviews

4. The interview in the city where you desire to work.

5. A compulsory physical and mental training.

6. A six month long probationary period.

Advice on Preparing for the Fire Recruitment Exam

All the key fire departments at the state level in Australia require applicants to solve some aptitude tests. These tests measure those qualities that are needed to become a successful firefighter. Based on the resulting rankings, the decision about the candidates who are eligible for the next application process takes place.

The best way to prepare for the fire recruitment exams is by taking practice tests. The practise tests will help candidates to determine their weaknesses and work on them. It also assists the candidates in gaining a clear perspective of what they can expect in the exam so that they can surpass even the most difficult challenges.

Also, the candidates should not make the mistake of thinking that they only need to study for the written tests. This is because the tests are designed in a manner that the takers cannot complete all the questions in the designated time. The only solution to this scenario is to study more and better answer the various kinds of questions.

The passing grade is above 70%, so just passing the test will not make a candidate eligible for the subsequent application process. Aspirants thus need to aim for a higher score.

What It Needs to Become a Great Firefighter

There are certain personal requirements that applicants need to inculcate to become an efficient firefighter. They include:

    • Outstanding communication skills.
    • A capacity to follow various directions.
    • Effective interpersonal skills.
    • Skills to work in a team.
    • Self-discipline and sound judgement.
    • An inclination for problem-solving.
    • Willingness to work in a stressful situation.
    • Ability to operate at heights and limited spaces.
    • A willingness for professional development.

Firefighters contribute immensely in preventing accidents and managing hazardous situations. The selection board for fire recruitment in Australia is always on the lookout for such individuals committed to safeguarding the environment and people and their own consistent development.

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