The Significance Of Hiring A Property Valuation Consultancy Company


Embarking on a real estate project is a great business move but also risky, costly and time-consuming. To maintain a balance and avoid the risk of losing so much money, it’s crucial to be well informed about the local market. Having a valuation consultant by your side while buying or selling a property, mortgaging, renovating a roof or building a new house will prevent lots of uncertainties. It will also enable you to make an investment on safe grounds and understand the market better.

Generally, hiring property Valuations Melbourne has the following benefits for homeowners and real estate agencies.

The Benefits Of Hiring Property Valuation Consultants

Better Understanding Of The Property Value

The primary responsibility of a valuation consultant is valuing the property at hand, making a property valuation and market report. This report is presented to both parties to help both parties find an ultimatum. The information contained in the report has to be accurate, otherwise when things go south property valuation consultants will have to be accountable, so you don’t end up losing money. Both parties use factual data provided by the valuers to make a raw deal that both of them are satisfied with.


Financial institutions also need property valuation consultants for mortgages. Whenever a person needs to secure a loan from the bank, he/she has to provide security to be held as a bond. Before, the bank can accept a particular property to finance a loan; the property has to be valued. The process helps the bank to know if the house has enough value for them to issue you a credit. The valuers help financial institutions fulfill an essential requirement before approving funds and helps the other party secure a loan peacefully.

 Protects One’s Investment

Both parties can make a deal without the help of a valuer; however, chances are that one of the parties might get favored more. To avoid this, it is necessary to hire a property valuer to assess the most correct and current property value. This protects the investment value for both the property buyer and seller.

Quick Real-estate Evaluation

The process of valuing a property takes a maximum of 2 hours. This time spent to conduct a real estate valuation is worthwhile and crucial for ensuring both parties receive the best deal. If you are looking to sell a property, be sure to have it valued.

Accurate Results

Another great benefit of hiring a property valuation firm is they provide an accurate valuation based on various factors. If you are planning to sell or buy a house but not sure of the actual value, you should consult a property valuer. This will help you to avoid selling yourself short and receive the best price possible.

Needed By Insurance Companies

Most people are unaware that before getting their homes insured, they first need to be valued. It only comes to their knowledge once the insurance company requests to know the value of their property. To prevent the insurer from underinsuring your house it is best to hire a valuer for accurate data.

Up To Date Report

Property valuation consultants always provide a report which is significant in settling whatever conflicts are connected to the properties, including probate and family disputes. The reports must remain current and relevant to the market.

 Expert Knowledge

When you hire a property valuer with enough experience in the industry, it gets much easier for you to navigate through the process with less hassle. With expert knowledge, you can make the right sale comparisons using local sales data which they can access easily.

 The Tenets Of A Good Property Valuation Consultancy

Property valuation is an essential part of the real estate market to ensure that the property is valued correctly. It also helps property owners make the right financial decisions; therefore, they need to choose the right property valuers. Here are the identifying features of a reliable and trustworthy property valuer;

  • A property valuer must possess the qualification and experience necessary and also trained and accredited by a recognized institution
  • Must be unbiased and provide honest and correct information for both the buyer and seller
  • Should have a broad and in-depth understanding of the market and be aware of the current trends and local sales
  • Must comply with the rules and regulations set by the local authorities in the respective area
  • Must provide a property valuation report to help both parties reach an agreement and close the deal for the best price

The valuer with all the properties mentioned above is the best one to hire for an accurate assessment of your property’s value.